Social Studies

Beyond the Bubble - A new generation of history assessments that assess 21st Century Skills with Library of Congress documents.

PBS Electoral Decoder - Check out this comprehensive tool that will enable students to understand how the electoral college impacts presidential elections.  This site has a wealth of other resources to go along with the decoder.

Big History Project - Read all about BHP Score Reports and how they add too teacher productivity and student writing.

Eric Langhorst - This is Eric's 8th Grade American History Google Site!

Speaking of History - Eric Langhorst is an 8th grade Social Studies teacher/Ed Tech Specialist in Liberty, MO.  This is his blog, absolutely packed with great ideas. 

Social Studies Central - Glen Wiebe is a Social Studies EdTech Consultant from Hutchinson, KS.  Here you will find his blog, podcasts, and the C4 framework he utilizes (collect, collaborate, create, communicate).

C3 Teachers - College, career and civic life, changing the way we teach social studies (utilizing inquiry).

Revolution, Reaction, Reform - the new '3 R's' in action in a 4th grade social studies classroom (Teaching Channel video/15 minutes)

PBL Econ and Government Units - 7 Econ PBL units and 6 Government PBL units that engage students in realistic problem-solving scenarios.

engageNY - Check out this K-12 Social Studies Toolkit with rich resources designed within the Inquiry Design Model.

1.)  ReadWorks  - 52 new social studies passages organized K-8 with Lexile levels provided.

2.)  Literacy Design Collaborative - This site is chock full of MLS aligned lessons and tasks built around informational text reading selections that correlate to your social studies curriculum maps/unit designs!

3.)  HTM - Historical Thinking Matters provides resources to help teach high school students how to read documents like historians. 

4.)  CCGPS - Great informational text resources for SS, ELA, SC, and Technical Subjects

5.)  Read Like a Historian - Engages students in historical inquiry with MLS aligned lessons and assessments for US and World History

6.)  Docs Teach -  Ready to use tools and access to thousands of primary sources!

7.)  Social Studies Central - Glenn is a veteran social studies/history teacher who has some incredible Common Core materials to offer; many weave together both ELA and history.  Check out his "Weekly Tip" and "History Tech Blog."

8.)  Teaching Channel - Clip of the history teacher focusing on corroborating information from multiple sources.

9.)  EDSITEment - The best of the humanities on the web (arts, foreign language, social studies, and ELA)

10.)  Kids Voting Missouri - This site provides an authentic voting experience for students K-12! 

11.) iCivics - Don’t just learn civics - play civics! Run for president. Pass new laws. Argue real cases.

12.)   Interactive Notebooks for Grades 4, 5 and 6  - Creative activities designed for use in the classroom, for the interactive notebook, or, for thought-provoking activities among students.

13.)   Facing History - MLS aligned resources for secondary history/English teachers including lesson plans, video, podcasts, and unit plans.  One of the units explores the Holocaust in great detail.  Lots of good interdisciplinary materials too.

14.)  PBS Learning Media - Amazing middle school site that offers free interactive games set in different eras of US History.  Students help characters choose the path and determine their fate.

1.  Reading Like a Historian:  Turn to Your Partner features a high school social studies class using physical position to facilitate collaboration  (2 minutes)

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