Getting ready for the new science MLS!  Watch these fresh ideas from Teaching Channel!          
       1.   Interactive Read-Aloud (K-2; 5 minutes)
       2.   Modeling (K-2; 9 minutes)
       3.   Share-Outs:  Critiquing and Revising Models (K-2; 5 minutes)

Biology Formative Assessment using Emojis - LOVE!

Exam Review Idea!

NSTA - Freebies from NSTA including classroom posters for the scientific practices!

NGSS Bundles - The final bundles have been released; check out this listing of all of them!

NGSS Bundles Guide - Everything you ever needed/wanted to know about bundling NGSS!
Discover Magazine - Dynamite resource with an abundance of ideas for perking up a science classroom.

Citizen Science Salon - Discover Magazine's blog with great ideas for citizen science projects.

SciStarter - One stop shop for finding great Citizen Science projects for your NGSS classroom.

To the Moon! - Engage in an engineering design challenge of hitting a target with a paper rocket (NGSS & MA; 8th grade).

11-3-14   An Interactive Periodic Table - Click on any element in the periodic table and an entire lesson opens up complete with video, questions to answer, material to dig deeper, and discussion pieces.

5/15/14 Literacy Design Collaborative - This site is loaded with common  core aligned lessons/tasks built around informational text selections that can be used with our curriculum maps/unit designs!

K-12 Resources

1.)  Next Generation Science Standards - Not yet adopted in MO but expected to be adopted in 2014.

2.)  Reading/writing standards for SC/SS/Technical Subjects 6-12.

4.)  NGSS - Choose a grade level and a core idea to search for correlated NGSS.

5.)  The 25 Must Have Resources for Science - Educational web tools and mobile apps!

6.)  NSTA - This is a great source of current science news as well as instructional resources.

1.)  Designing an iPad case - This 5-minute video clip features a 9th grade science/engineering teacher facilitating a lesson on designing an iPad case for teachers.  There is quite a bit of good information included about refocusing your (digital) search, discerning authentic sources, etc.

1.)  Making Science Relevant with Current Events - 5 minute video clip featuring an 8th grade science teacher implementing a teaching strategy utilizing current events

2.)  Laura Candler's  File Cabinet - For grades 4-8, free printables and helpful website links for the upper elementary or middle school science classroom. 


1.)  Chip Off the Old Block - A complete NGSS aligned lesson for K-2 students about inheritance of traits.

1,)  Exploring the Space that Air Takes Up with Inquiry - First graders study the relationship of air and space using picture books, non-fiction, and actual labs (12 minutes)

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