Color Sorting on the Light Table - Slick idea for color sorts using a light table! 
Math Grid Games - Cool math games for PK centers from PreKinders!
Pre-Writing Skills:  Essentials for Early Learners - Lots of free activities here from a new source, Liz's Early Learning Spot.
SPACE Same and Different Game - This game from PreKinders helps PK students practice visual discrimination skills.
Letter Sounds - Games from PreKinders to help children learn letter sounds in a fun, hand-on way!
Rhyming - Rhyming match games with free downloadable boards from PreKinders.
10-Frame Puzzles - PreKinders strikes again with 10-frame puzzles for math instruction/centers (winter, Valentines Day, farm, dinosaurs, and bugs)
20 Brain Break Songs - PreKinders provides a great musical feast!!
21 Winter Activities - From PreKinders, these are just the ticket for winter PK lessons!
Five Little Leaves - From PreKinders, a simple rhyming subtraction activity that is perfect for FALL!

Groovy Joe - From PreKinders, ice cream graph activities to go along with Eric Litwin's newest series about Groovy Joe, a guitar-playing dog!

Pets Same and Different Games - Free downloads from PreKinders

Dismissal Transportation Posters - Free downloads from PreKinders (updated)

Earth Day (April 22) Roll and Write game for PreK from PreKinders!

PK:  PreKinders - Growing little learners; comprehensive learning activities and printables from a Georgia Prekindergarten teacher

Science Center Ideas - 33 ideas for PK science centers!

PBS Learning Media - Search by grade level and content for rich digital resources and lesson plans.  You will need to sign up to access materials (Name, email, zip - FREE).

EngageNYThe full year of the Listening and Learning Strand for Prekindergarten English Language Arts.

Common Core Math for PreK - Another school district's rich collection of quarterly checklists and other resources; organized by both 3-year-old and 4-year-old materials!

1.)  New York State - Early learning expectations linked to K-12 Common Core Standards.

2.)  Little Illuminations - A blog from a veteran pre-kindergarten teacher chock full of ideas for books, bulletin boards, classroom celebrations, and much more!

3.)  Play Based Learning - No play, no learning; know play, know learning!  Irresistible ideas for play based learning.

4.)  DRDP - This site offers a wide variety of downloadable tools for teachers, families, and administrators to support improved program quality in early childhood care and learning.

Video Resources
Reasoning About Gardening Observations features a PreK class building observation and reasoning skills in a school garden

Visual Cues - Watch this interactive read aloud with pre-kindergarten students featuring visual cues (2 minutes)

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