Create a delectable menu for your math lesson from the authors of "The Classroom Chef".  Here you will find "Appetizers", "Entrees", "Specials", "Side Dishes" and of course "Dessert!"  Lots of other great resources as well!

Voice type your math!

Easy ways to  update old worksheets with technology . . . 

6-4-2017       2017 3-8 Released Items - Check out these MA and ELA items from the 2017 Regents Exam (NY).
5-29-2017     Zearn - Personalized learning in math for grades K-5 with a badge system!
5-28-2017     7.RP, 7.NS, 7.EE - Check out this complete lesson from M.A.R.S. (Math Assessment Resource Service); pretest, learner tasks and post test are all included!
5-28-2017     TWENTY complete math lessons for KINDERGARTEN from the Charles A. Dana Center (Texas).
2-16-2017     Rational Number Spreadsheet, Learned Helplessness and more from Alice Keeler!
1-19-2017     GoOpen - The Learning Registry - Check out this site for rich learner tasks 

1-19-2017     FREE, FREE, FREE!  CK-12 provides video tutorials with correlated math practice; searchable by grade level/standard!  Don't miss this one!

12-6-2016     OPEN MIDDLE - Here is a new website full of math problems worth solving (from Robert Kaplinsky).
10-6-2016     NCTM October Bright Ideas (Illuminations) - PK-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12 digital activities for your students aligned to MLS expectations.
9-30-2016    Math Baseball - Alice Keeler 'strikes' again with a digital version of the classic, Math Baseball!
8-3-2016      Battleship - Alice Keeler shares her slick digital version of Battleship.
6-26-2016    Mathalicious - Real world math lessons for 6-12 coded with MLS.
6-8-2016      Bits and Bricks from Lego. You program a mini bot (A Bit Bot) to navigate a course. The programming is easy drag-and-drop commands for foreward, left, right, etc. 
5-12-2016    CCSS 7-12 Geometry Progressions - Hot off the presses, an invaluable tool for 6-12 math teachers.
4-17-2016   Mathematical Practices from Inside Mathematics - Click on the mathematical practice and you will see grade level explanations along with classroom application video clips by grade level.

K-12 Resources
1.)  Illustrative Mathematics - a powerful collection of MLS aligned math tasks

2.)  Jay Roth Livebinders - Jay Roth is the mathematics consultant for Southwest Regional RPDC.  His focus is understanding the implications of the Missouri Learning Standards for math and this is a very rich resource for all grade levels of math teachers.  ENJOY!

3.)  Jan Keenoy, CCSS Math Consultant out of St. Louis:  be sure to scroll all the way down the page for grade span specifics on lessons, units, and curriculum design!

4.)  Math Tutorial - Over 1500 MLS aligned math tutorials for grades 1-12 (very few for grades 1-5).

5.)  Mathematics CCSS - K-12 math standards

6.)  Implementing the Mathematical Practice Standards - Grades 4-12 samples of math tasks by  content domain that illustrate specific mathematical practices.

7.)  IXL Math - PreK-12 math practice feels like play; check it out!

8.)  Robert Kaplinsky - Another great resource, courtesy of Mrs. Toole!  Lessons, templates, blog and much more!

9.)  Emergent Math - This site is loaded with ideas and best practices for delivering MLS aligned math lessons! 

10.)  KHAN ACADEMY - Browse the Khan Academy's NEW collection of interactive math skills by Common Core standard.

11.) Would You Rather?  A great way to weave literacy strategies involving multiple sources and justifying your reasoning into the math classroom! 

12.)  Open Middle - Challenging math problems worth solving; search by grade level and standard! 

13.)  Math MLS Flip Books - Organized by K-8 grade levels and high school, these handy charts include the standards, instructional strategies, and weave in the Mathematical Practices as well!

14.)  PBL math units - 220 PBL units, K-12, searchable by grade level, standard, and/or topic.

15.)   Mathematics Toolbox from the Dana Center  - great sample curriculum frameworks, units, and scope and sequence documents.

16.)  The Standards for Mathematical Practice are illustrated in writing and include videos as well; from Illustrative Mathematics, K-12.

17.)  Illinois Teach and Talk - Math classroom resources organized by grade level/priority standards.  Some of the treasures you will find here include instructional strategies, questions, and tasks along with higher order thinking questions.  Links are also provided for other aligned digital resources.

K-5 Resources
Zearn - Personalized learning in math, grades K-5.  The materials in this site are aligned by both grade level and standard.  You will find complete lessons, exit tickets, a badge system, the whole nine yards!

Google Sheets for Littles - Alice Keeler shares a measurement activity for kindergarten!

1.)  Frizzle Blog - Great ideas here for transitioning to a MLS  mathematics classroom; check out these four strategies to get students talking about their mathematical reasoning in the classroom.
2.)  Critical Areas of Focus K-8 Math - A complete and concise document from Achieve the Core; powerful tool to use side-by-side with your curriculum map!

Watch this 2nd grade math classroom as they work on "Persisting through Challenges" featuring three-digit subtraction with problem solving.  Classroom teacher, Mari Montoy-Wilson, leads a classroom conversation about the math in which students are expected to justify their answers and classmates are asked to critique the work.

Formative Assessment:  Understanding Fractions - A third grade lesson that also features MP1 and MP2; clarify, elicit, interpret, act on (16 minutes)

Rates and Ratios - Mathematical practices are featured in this 6th grade math clip (Modeling; Attend to Precision)

5.NF.B.4; 5.NF.B.6 - Fifth graders prepare for fraction multiplication by engaging in a whole class math talk, five minute independent work, team consensus building, and a go-around (13 minutes)

Critical Friends - Watch two classroom teachers and an instructional coach reflect on the above lesson (7 minutes)

Counting Collections to 100 - K-2 math lesson that highlights student engagement and mathematical conversations (6 minutes)
 Multiplying Whole Numbers and Fractions - Grades 3-5, watch Mrs. Spies work to extend student understanding of multiplication as repeated addition (9 minutes)
 Beyond Fingers - Watch this 8 minute video clip from Teaching Channel as kindergarten teacher, Karen Lassiter, facilitates students reasoning about numbers 11-19 and constructing arguments using manipulatives to support their thinking (MP2 and MP3).
Factor, Expand and Combine Like Terms features 7th grade students using manipulatives to learn to identify like terms and applying the skills to real world problem solving (10 minutes)

6-8 Resources
1.)  Teaching practices and protocols - all of the tools for suggested learning activities in engageNY 6-8 math
2.)  Graphic organizers - all of the graphic organizers suggested in engageNY 6-8 math curriculum map
3.)  6-8 Math Curriculum Map - a complete map along with a pacing guide from engageNY
4.)  Critical Areas of Focus K-8 Math - A complete and concise document from Achieve the Core; powerful tool to use side-by-side with your curriculum map!

9-12 Resources
1.) Critical Areas of Focus HS  Math- A document that highlights focus areas in the high school math courses; use this document as a double check against your map! 

2.)  MO Critical Areas of Focus HS Math - Great document clearly outlining areas of priority in A1, G, A2

1.)  Formative Assessment:Understanding Congruence -  High school students explore congruence using complex rigid motions (paper/pencil and Geogebra are featured student tools) 15 minutes

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