PreK-12 General Resources

Google Apps for Kindergarten - Alice Keeler shares five Google Apps templates.
The Teacher Studio - Intermediate level teacher ideas, lessons and products from a 20-year veteran teacher and mom.  
Hack the Classroom - Michelle Cordy is a third grade teacher in London, Ontario, Canada whose mission is to learn to teach differently.  Dig in to her blog full of extremely thought provoking ideas about teaching, technology and education.

What's Going On in Mr. Solarz' Class?  The author of "Learn Like a Pirate" shares with us his fifth grade classroom.  Amazing resource - be sure to check out his math page!

The Learning Network - Teaching and learning with the New York Times; find lesson plans, weekly news quizzes, and much more!

A great leadership site complete with amazing bulletin board ideas (based on Covey's "7 Habits of Highly Effective People).  Thank-you Ellen Gott!

Edcite - Create and share common core aligned assignments and assessments!

1.)  Listening Skills - SAY WHAT?  Five ways to get students to listen from Edutopia.

2.)  The Teaching Channel has a treasure trove of common core classroom videos.  You can filter them by grade level as well as content area.  A couple of great high school samples from the Teaching Channel:  Philosophical Chairs (history but could easily lend itself to other content areas) and Socratic Seminar (English but applicable in other content areas).

3.)  MO Learning Standards -  DESE's new site features resources, videos and information on the Common Core directed toward all stakeholders.

4.)  engageNY - This site has excellent sample curriculum maps, pacing guides, and instructional modules/lessons for K-12 MA and ELA.

5.)  DESE Model Curriculum - Grade level, content area lesson plans aligned to MLS.

6.)  Achieve the Core-   This website contains model lessons by grade level and content area as well as curriculum maps and unit designs.

7.)  North Carolina Unpacking Tools-  This Instructional Toolkit is designed to help teachers pattern their instruction and classroom student assessments to the state's newly adopted standards.

8.)  Delaware Model Curriculum:  "Content Areas" contains resources for Science, Social Studies, World Languages, and Fine Arts.

9.)  Louisiana Department of Education - Common core teaching materials organized by grade level and content area;  provides a wealth of resources for K-12 staff.

10.) Common Core Conversation- A link to multiple sites all about Common Core!

11.)  Power My Learning - A 'powerful' K-12 resource; search by grade level, content area AND by Common Core standard in MA & ELA.  Rich, visual resources for all - take a look (thanks Anne)!

12.)  Learn Zillion - a colorful and concise layout of the Common Core Standards by grade level and content area along with hundreds of outstanding math and English Common Core aligned lessons categorized by grade level, content and theme.

13.)  NewsELA NewsELA is a news website where educators can search by subject to find articles on a variety of topics: science, arts, war and peace. Each article is available at range of Lexile levels. Teachers simply click the Lexile level appropriate for a class or group of students and the vocabulary and sentence structure change without altering the topic or information presented. 

14.)  PBL Project - An archive of the 2013-2014 PBL warm-up activities complete with Missouri Learning Standards aligned rubrics.

15.)  OER Commons - This is an open educational resource (OER) site with lesson plans, classroom activities, and assessments in specific topics such as:  close reading, text dependent questions, complex texts, extensive resources for MLS math, and much more.

16.)  Annenberg Lerner - Powerful classroom lessons across all core areas with a smaller selection for Foreign Language and the Arts.  You can search by grade level and content.

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