How to Embed a Tweet  - Check out this YouTube video to learn how to embed a tweet onto your web page!

gafechat - Twitter chat centered around Google Apps for Education; this site includes archived gafechats with some amazing ideas!

Ed Tech Nut - Kelly Fitzgerald's website filled with ed tech tools!

Evaluating online resources - From Catlin Tucker, a slick Google Form that can be customized by grade level to help teach our students how to determine credible digital resources.

T.E.A.M. - The site for Technology Education Association of Missouri, focusing on the TE in STEM.
Grammarly - Spellcheck your text with this free Chrome extension that fixes spelling, apostrophes, typos and more!
Flip Books - For grades 3-12, a slick student interactive from Read, Write, Think designed to enable students to 
tab and illustrate flip books up to ten pages long.

e-Portfolio resources from Paul Solarz, author of Learn Like a PIRATE (Peer collaboration, Improvement focused learning, Responsibility, Active learning, Twenty-first century skills, Empowerment).

Eric Sheninger -  A true model for leading and learning in the digital age.  His site is packed with great resources and reads.

Kathy Schrock - A veteran educational technologist, Kathy has created a vast resource of tips, tricks, and ideas to weave technology into our MLS classrooms.
1.)  All about using Google Hangouts to enhance your classroom instruction!

2.)  Common Core Quest - K-12 students can take quizzes to demonstrate mastery of MA and ELA MLS skills.  If you fall short of mastery, there are games and tutorials to help fill in the blanks!

3.)  Printable iPad Task Cards Search by content area or strategy (ie, critical thinking) to find iPad apps/tasks along with MLS correlated standards.  This is a work in progress from
Calcasieu Schools in Louisiana!  Thank-you Mrs. Young!

4.)  TeachThought - 36 MLS teacher apps for inquiry learning with iPads; two great visuals one of which is downloadable.

5.)  Graphite - This is a free digital media rating and review platform for PK-12 teachers.  You can search digital tools by grade level, content area, AND by MLS standard.

6.)  Web 2.0 Tools to Teach Higher Level Thinking Skills - Using Wordle in a first grade classroom to teach vocabulary, including a video/audio clip of the finished product!  Totally cool!

7.)  Keyboarding websites for all ages!

8.)  Tammy's Technology Tips for effective use of technology in the classroom.

9.)  Netiquette Poster - Here is a good visual encompassing some important netiquette rules for students to keep in mind while using the net.

Susan Finlayson,
Jun 27, 2016, 6:29 PM