Classroom Culture

What to Do on Lame Duck School Days - Great ideas organized around preparation time, from Jennifer Gonzalez.

Ten Ways to Incorporate Student Choice in Your Classroom  - Student choice is more than simply choosing a topic.  It's about empowering students throughout the learning process.

Strategies to Get to Know Your Students - Use these strategies over the first six weeks of school! 

Desk Towers - Slick idea for arranging students desks/supplies!

5-19-15      Encouraging Student Debate features 5th grade students learning to share and respond to each other's ideas rather than engaging solely with the teacher  (3 minutes)

11-30-14    Increasing Student Engagement - A timer and a laser pointer in a high school ELL classroom - who knew?  Great strategies for any classroom, all grade levels!

11-26-14   Grouping Students -  Flexible, instructional, study teams, lit circles, and building blocks for teams are just a few of the ideas outlined on this site.

11-11-14   Four Corners - For all grade levels, a video clip featuring an arrangement of student desks to facilitate collaboration (2 minutes)

6 19 2014  Getting to know your students! - Kick-start the school year with these icebreakers for teachers to use in the classroom.
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