Instructional Strategies

Differentiated homework . . .

Which co-teaching model do you use?

Summarize your learning . . . 

4-25-17  Hyperdocs & Self Paced Learning - Resources from Catlin Tucker to use with her One Stop Differentiation Model!

4-4-17  Station Rotation Model:  Student Designed and Led - Another creative, powerful variation on this instructional strategy, complete with a lesson plan template to guide student planning.

4-4-17  Create Small Learning Communities with the Station Rotation Model - The first in a series of articles in our study of Catlin Tucker's instructional strategy.

4-4-17  Station Rotation Model in Action - Watch and listen as CT models and explains this strategy.

4-4-17  One Stop Differentiated Station Rotation - Our CMS focus beginning in the 2016-17 school year; we will continue with quarterly implementation in the 2017-18 school year.

7-3-16  Getting Started with Student Inquiry - Slow down, watch and observe, reflect and interpret, and then try to provoke a next step for your students.

6-30-16  Dan Meyer - Calling all MATH teachers!  3 Act Tasks, unsolvable problems for all grade levels, a wealth of curriculum, instruction, assessment ideas along with how to build technology into math instruction.  

1-27-16  Problem Based Learning Units - Over 300 PBL units in MA, ELA, Social Studies, Health, and many other content areas.  Each PBL has all of the tools you will need to roll out a comprehensive and engaging PBL in your content area.

2-11-15  Wingman:  A teaching channel video clip for middle school teachers featuring strategies for engaging reluctant students (2 minutes;6-8)

12-16-14    Reciprocal Teaching From Jay Roth's Livebinders, here is a collection of every tool/resource you will need for reciprocal teaching at any grade level. 

1.)  Graphic Organizers - An extensive collection of free printable graphic organizers.

2.)  Professional Practice Resources - This toolbox has it all from questioning strategies to classroom management.

3.)  Think Dots and Cubing - Total student engagement activities with a variety of applications (click on 'Engaging Students in Learning').

4.)  16 Powerful Strategies - A great collection of instructional strategies enabling teachers to provide the necessary classroom framework for students to develop deeper thinking skills.

5.)  52 Ways to Use Wordle in the Classroom -  Ideas for both teachers and student work! 

6.)  Socratic Seminar - All of the resources you need to introduce this powerful instructional strategy in your classroom.

Teaching Channel Video Clips

4-14-15  Attention Getting Games - This video is full of a variety of strategies to streamline transitions in the PreK setting (2 minutes)

4-14-14 Sharing Common Core Language with Students - Middle school students have their own copies of the Common Core Standards for this class.  The lesson introduction includes all students reading the aligned standards (2 minutes)

2-11-15 Nature Kitchen:  Imaginative play in the kitchen with natural materials (2 minutes-PK)

2-11-15 Share Who Said That:  Students are taught to acknowledge their classmate(s) after the 'turn-and-talk' strategy (2 minutes;K-1)
2-11-15 Living Wax Museum:  Researching/portraying an influential person and delivering a 7-minute monologue (7 minutes;9-12)

1.)  Challenge at the Heart of Deeper Learning - Great ideas on building academic courage and perseverance.

2.)  Collaborative Teaching - See how students and teachers benefit from cross-disciplinary connections.

3.)  Critical Friends - Using protocols to establish a professional learning culture of reflection and improvement.

4.)  Heads Together, Butts Up - Share and discuss thinking with others.

5.)  Debrief Circles - Students reflect on learning through conversation (sixth grade).

6.)  Socratic Seminar - A junior level English class discusses the use of the "n" word in Huckleberry Finn in a Socratic Seminar format.  Roles for students include 
Transition Tracker, Peer Coach, and others; the teacher's premise is "those who are doing the talking are doing the learning." 

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