Meeting Dates

Training dates for the 2017-2018 school year are as follows:
Wednesday, August 16th:  NWEA MAP Growth training (K-12 Train-the-Trainer group including the Chillicothe R-II Administration Team)

Tuesday, September 12th:  NWEA Reports Training
Wednesday, September 20th:  NWEA MAP Skills training (SPED & Title teachers)
Monday, October 23:  6-12 SC curriculum development; K-12 Electives curriculum development
Tuesday, January 2:  6-12 SS curriculum development (1/2 day)
Wednesday, May 16:  Curriculum development (1/2 day)

NWEA Data Analysis Dates:  Monday, October 23; Tuesday, January 2; Wednesday, May 16 (1/2 day for each of these calendar dates)

Our training dates for the 2016-2017 school year are all slated on our PD release dates.  Please find below the grade span focus areas for this year. 
PK -    Aligning written curriculum with Missouri Early Learning Standards.

K-3    Donella Sherry, NWRPDC Consultant, continues the math Data Team trainings with Dewey staff and begins this process with Field staff.   Begin ELA Data Team training at Dewey.  K-2 teachers are slated for PBL training in May, 2017.
4-5    Curriculum work will be incorporated into the development of Project Based Learning units.  Central staff members received PBL training from the Buck Institute in May, 2016.

6-8    Bimonthly morning meetings with vertical content teams focused on formative assessment and adapting instruction based on results; 
         monthly Monday STING meetings with 6-8 content teams focused on tracking student achievement, collecting UOI data, data analysis;
         science curriculum work planned for October 10 and March 10 with Deb Korell.

9-12  Continuing assessment revision to align with the new MLS; science curriculum rewrite to align with MLS; beginning the crosswalk process with new SS MLS expectations.

Elective teachers will continue writing curriculum on the early out PD release dates:  9/14, 11/9, 2/8

PBL follow-up walkthroughs are scheduled for Thursday, February 9 with our Buck Institute trainer, Lisa Rockwell.  A second walkthrough will follow in February for the remaining classrooms/teachers who have launched a Project Based Learning unit.

K-5 Standards Based Grade Card - we are working with a vertical team of K-5 math teachers and a second vertical team of K-5 ELA teachers to develop a cohesive standards based grade card that will be generated in our Student Information System (SIS).  Our goal is to engage in conversations/work around alignment to the new MLS, priority standards and proficiency scales.  After reaching K-5 consensus, we will design a K-5 standards based grade card and plan to have it ready to launch for the 2017-2018 school year. 

aimsWebPlus - working toward achieving our CSIP Goal 1, all Field and CMS mathematics and ELA teachers are being trained on a new online AWP system.  We will utilize the data generated from Fall, Winter and Spring benchmark assessments as well as the follow-up progress monitoring assessments to better track student achievement of our struggling learners.  The data from AWP will enable us to drill down and identify specific skills that students are missing.  These students will then receive targeted instruction in these low performing areas. Progress monitoring every three weeks will enable teachers to see if specific intervention strategies are successful and provide frequent measures of student progress.

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