About us

One day a group of friends were talking about their dreams. They all felt very fortunate with the opportunities life had given them - being part of an international student organization, being able to explore the world and themselves. And they all dreamed of giving something back to their homeland Ukraine, where they knew there were many people who were much less fortunate than them. From this shared dream, Children-UA was born.

Children-UA is a non-profit volunteer-run association based in Basel, Switzerland. We run educational camps for Ukrainian orphans aged 12-14. In these camps, we teach children the importance of education and how to build healthy social relationships. We know we cannot change the world, but if we can just help one child, it will have been worth all our efforts.

Camp 2016

Our planning and fundraising activities are on the way. We are taking a new approach this year and asking all interested children in foster care to apply officially by writing a motivation letter. The selected foster homes have been contacted by our team members through the official channels within the Regional departments of education and youth. 20 children will be selected by the end of April, 2016. 

A new location has been booked for our 2016 camp: Jugendhaus Hasliberg in Holstein, Switzerland. More details are here.

Similar to last year, Embassy of Switzerland in Ukraine has decided to support our project and waived all visa fees for our applicants. This is a significant saving to our budget and we are extremely grateful for this opportunity. 

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Our history

The 1st Children-UA camp took place in Svyatogorsk, Donetsk region, Ukraine, on 10-20 June 2009. You can read our report about Camp 2009, or browse through the photos or read our blog. If you would like to know how we spent the money we collected, please have a look at our financial report.

In August 2010 Children-UA organized the 2nd  educational camp. This time we went to picturesque spot in the Crimea, Ukraine - the mini-hotel Porto Mare. You can read a report about our 2nd educational camp, browse through the photos and watch a financial report of it.

The 3rd camp was held in the winter in in Svyatogorsk, Donetsk region, Ukraine. Ukrainian volunteers together with volunteers form New Zealand, India, Brazil, Russia and Belgium organized Winter Educational Camp for orphan children and celebrate a New Year with them.You can read a report about our 3rd educational camp, browse through the photos and watch a financial report.

In 2013 we conducted our 4th annual educational camp. It was held on 19-25 August in the Crimea. Besides letting the kids enjoy the sun and the sea, we covered serious topics with them, like personal finance management, life after graduation from the orphanage, how to communicate with peers etc. Have a look at our report in pictures here.

In 2014 we were planning on taking 20 kids from orphanages in the Donetsk region of Ukraine for an educational summer camp in the Carpathian mountains. However, the military conflict between the pro-Ukrainian and separatist forces escalated rapidly towards the end of summer. As a result, the camp could not go ahead.

In 2015 the camp was special for both children and us. For the first time we brought the kids abroad - to Switzerland. Furthermore, most organizers and all orphans came from the Ukrainian region of Donetsk, currently a war zone. Taking the kids out - even if just for a few days - was very important. We gave them trainings on essential for their future life skills and showed the beautiful Swiss mountains. You can have a look at our report here or see some pictures.