Mrs. Garrett's English Page


Room: M-2

School Phone: 891-3050 Ext. 255

Cell: 521-5607 (Texts and calls; not after 9:00pm)



Students: Please use this site (as well as our Google Classroom) in order to keep up on daily assignments. The agendas will be updated DAILY so if you are absent you can see what you missed and come in and get that work from the ABSENT WORK area. If you have questions about missing work, please come in BEFORE or AFTER school, AT LUNCH or during that rare down time in class to get clarification. 

Parents: Please feel free to keep up on what we are doing in class by checking my Daily Agenda and speaking with your student. If you ever have questions, of course, feel free to call or email me, however  I REALLY encourage you to help your student become an independent, capable adult by letting him/her handle most questions.  I know how stressful it can be to have a high school student (I have two teenagers myself) and the overwhelming desire there is to NOT let your kiddo screw up, however I think letting students self-advocate and find a voice is a crucial life skill. I also think small mistakes are great learning experiences and help to prepare kids so they make good choices later in life. I really am approachable--I promise--and will work with kids to be successful, but when parents attempt to fix problems for a student it undermines his/her independence. That's my philosophy as a mom and as a teacher.