Inventions and Inventors

James Watt --Steam engine

Eli Whitney--Interchangeable parts (also cotton gin)

Henry Bessemer--Steel production

Louis Pasteur--Pasteurization process & medicine

Thomas Edison--Light Bulb, Research lab


• What is the significant invention? How does it work?
• How or why is it important for the transformation to an industrial society?

James Watt--Steam Engine

BBC: Historic Figures: James Watt  
Critical essay of the work James Watt did to refine the steam engine as well as the delays in advancements he caused.

Brief History of the Steam Engine
Shows the development of the Vacuum Demo through the Watts Steam Engine with illustrations.

James Watt:   Scottish Engineering Hall of Fame
Short article on Watt's achievements (with citation at the bottom)

James Watt:  Inventor of the Steam Engine
Very nice article about Watt--multiple pages.

James Watt
Good 3 page article on Watt and the development of the steam engine.

History of the Steam Engine
One page article on the Steam engine including information on Watt's rivals.

Eli Whitney--Interchangeable parts

Eli Whitney Museum and Workshop
Lots of information here.

Interchangeable Parts 
From Engines of our Ingenuity. 

Eli Whitney and Interchangeable Parts 

Nicely written article on the basics behind Whitney's invention.

Interchangable Parts
Great article outlining what Whitney was really like and his invention.

Henry Bessemer--Steel production

Eureka Iron Works/First Bessemer Steel Production
History of the first factory to produce Bessemer Steel.

The Bessemer Process, Scientific Management and new  Business Models
The impact of this invention is noted here.

Bessemer Steel Process 
Nice description of the process with a line drawing demonstrating the machine used.

Henry Bessemer and the development of bulk steel making
Comprehensive article on Bessmer and his inventions.

Henry Bessemer--The Steel Man  
Highlights of the contributions of Henry Bessemer.

Louis Pasteur--Germ Theory

Louis Pasteur-Biography
Short biography of Pasteur's life and contributions.

How Pasteurization Works
Short one page article about the process and importance.

Discovery of Pasteurization

BBC: Historic Figures: Louis Pasteur 
The contributions to health and medicine from Pasteur.

Louis Pasteur

Thomas Edison--Light Bulb/Research Lab

The Inventions of Thomas Edison  

Features a paragraph on the light bulb as well as the other inventions occurring in Edison's research lab.

Thomas Edison's Most Famous Inventions
From the photograph through the iron ore separator and much more.

Thomas Edison

Edison's Impact
Details the changes the world experienced due to Edison's inventions.

Edison Invents!
Covers Edison's life and inventions, particularly noting his invention factory. 




















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Whitney Video

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Pasteur Video

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