Life Management

Final Project Fall 2014

Mind: Parents

·         Dealing with Divorce    

Dealing with Divorce form TeensHealthFX     Dealing with Divorce from TeensHealth   Sruviving Adolescence from Psychology Today

·         Step Parents

Step-Parenting and Blended Families           Stepparents from TeensHealth              Helping teens Adjust to Stepparents from KidsHealth

·         Talking to Your Parents and Why do I fight with my Parents so much?

Communicating with your Teen from OSU           Family Dinners Increase Parent-Teen Communication            Effective communication between Parents and Teens        Why Do I fight with my parents so much?       

·         Distracted Driving: What if a parent won’t stop texting while driving?

 Most parents drive distracted with child in car         Distracted Driving from TeensHealth      Texting and Driving Statistics

Mind: Friends

·         Asking for Help:  Getting Past Obstacles

Asking for Help from TeensHealth     About Getting and Giving Help

·         Coping with Cliques

Click or Clique:  positive and negative teen social groups         Cliques from SafeTeens        Coping with Cliques from TeensHealth

·         I think my friend….

Eating disorder, running away, cutting, etc.

Teen Eating Disorders from Mayo Clinic      Eating Disorders in Children and Teens from WebMD       Eating disorders from TeensHealth

Running Away  (SafePlace)         Running Away (Girls Health)      Running Away (TeensHealth) 

Stressed Out Teen Girls      Teens, Cutting and Self-Injury        Teens who Cut (TeensHealth)

Someone is spreading rumors about me…

Rumors (TeensHealth)      Gossip and rumors (itsmylife)    Reputation Rehab:  how to bouce back from rumors

Mind: Being Your Best Self

·         Rejection and How to Handle it? And Rejection: How well do you Cope?

Rejection and How to Handle it (TeensHealth)    Helping your teen handle rejection     How to bouce back from rejection    How to deal with rejection

Mind:  Relationships

·         How to Break up Respectfully and Getting over a Break up

How to break up with someone(WebMD)        How to break up respectfully (TeensHealth)       Breaking up the nice way     

 Information sheet on breaking up        Surviving a Breakup       Getting over a breakup     Teen heartache:  breaking up

·         Am I in a Healthy Relationship?

Am I in a Healthy relationship?      What's your relationshiop reality?    Tips for a Successful High School Relationship

·         Love and Romance

Love and romance      Teen tips for love and romance    Teen love really is complicated      Guide to Teen Love 

·         Apologizing and Assertiveness

Apologizing        Apologizing:  Knowing when to say you are sorry        Assertiveness      10 Ways Assertiveness skills help teens     Assertiveness 

·         Managing your Emotional Reactions and Emotional Intelligence

Managing your Emotional Reactions     Managing Strong Emotional Reactions     One Reason Teens respond differently to the world

Emotional Intelligence     Why is Emotional Intelligence imiprotant for Teens?    7 Ways to Grow Emotional Intelligence

Understanding Other People

Understanding Other People     Body Language Basics         Easy Ways Body Language can Help Teens Feel Powerful 
Teen Body Language:  Make the Right impression     7 tips to get more empathy from your teen    

School and Jobs:  School Stuff

·         Online Safety 

Online Safety     Internet Safety tips for kids and teens     What you do online can affect your life

What it means to be a friend

What it means to be a friend     Friendship Skills for Teens     Friends: how to make, keep or leave them


School and Jobs:   Bullying and Violence

·         Dealing with Bullying and Teens Talk about Bullying 

Bullying from counselling directory        Teenage Bullying       Dealing with Bullying    11 Facts about Bullying

·         Peer Pressure

Peer Pressure         Peer Pressure      Peer Pressure

·         Sexual Harassment and Sexual Bullying

Sexual Harassment and Sexual Bullying        Sexual Harassment        How to deal with Sexual Harassment         

Sexual Harassment Pervasive In U.S. Middle And High Schools, Survey Finds

·         Cyberbullying 

Cyberbullying       Cyberbullying Statistics          11 facts about cyberbullying    Stop Cyberbullying before it starts

Protecting your online idenity and privacy      Social Networking and protecting your privacy      

The Complete Teenager’s Guide To Online Privacy

created 12/3/2014    updated 12/4/2014