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Blitz Build 2012

This year our team is targeting the city of Joplin, Missouri, as the recipient of our Blitz Build effort. As you will recall, Joplin was struck by a tornado on May 22, 2011.  The tornado was over a mile wide and carved out a 22.1-mile path of destruction through the south side of the city. It was the seventh most deadly tornado in U.S. history, with 162 deaths and over $3 billion in property damage. In the aftermath, more than 8,000 homes were destroyed, leaving thousands with nowhere to stay – a condition that exists today. 

As Chico State students we are going to do something about it!  

Our goal for this years' Blitz-Build is to construct 10 homes in 10 days - putting 10 families back on the path of a normal life.