Resistance Coffee                 December 7, 2012


Resistance Coffee Welcomes

Grinderman Coffee 

and now Daniel Tucker's

Miscellaneous Treats!

to the 

Chicago Coffee Confederation

Resistance Coffee has for five years brought some of the finest fair trade organic coffee to Chicago, and raised funds for organizations ranging from Radios Populares, to the Latino Union, to the Chicago Women’s Health Center.

Resistance Coffee started out roasting beans from Zapatista communities in resistance in Chiapas, but supplies got thin, so with great support from friends at Just Coffee up in Madison, we’ve landed on roasting the beans grown by the women of La FEM cooperative in Nicaragua for the past two years. If you’ve had this coffee, you know its quality, and supporting La FEM also means supporting Nicaraguan women’s ability to acquire and own land and thus take fuller control over their fates.

Over the years, Resistance Coffee has grown slowly but steadily, and the time has come to expand this endeavor. The first step in this direction has been to formulate what is tentatively titled the “Chicago Coffee Confederation.” 

The model takes the basic small-scale process used by Resistance Coffee, and rather than forming a business that centralizes roasting, marketing, and delivery, instead seeks to decentralize those parts of the process that do not need centralizing. We are able to get bulk delivery of beans together, but then each project replicates the very inexpensive Bean Boss roaster, develops its own markets, and raises funds for its own projects. 

The basic roaster can be assembled for less than a couple hundred dollars, thus making it a tool accessible to many people, from low-income activists to musicians and artists and poor people. A second roaster has been operating now for several months, and while there have been a few kinks to work out, musician Michael McSherry has very quickly learned the trade, and applied it in a very different yet complimentary way to the way that Resistance Coffee works. And now, AREA Chicago luminary Daniel Tucker has his Miscellaneous Treats up and running.

You can learn more about our burgeoning work at

Solidarity, David

The Ever-Popular Kropotkin's Kaffe
Delivered to Your Door

The Chicory Center’s Resistance Coffee project is Chicago's only 100% fair trade, organic, liberation-oriented coffee roaster. Our current coffee is called Kropotkin's Kaffe, named after Russian anarcho-communist Pyotr Kropotkin. The inspiration for Resistance Coffee comes in part from Kropotkin's seminal work, Factories, Fields, and Workshops.

In a barn on a farm in Union Pier, Michigan, deer and raccoons wander in to check out the steaming hot coffee beans, grown over the past year by the women of La FEM cooperative in Nicaragua.

 "It's a priority of ours to build horizontal relationships with organizations where we can mutually illuminate each other to find viable and sustainable projects," says Diana Martinez of the Fundación Entre Mujeres (La FEM). La FEM's history is unique in that its beginning is rooted in helping rural women access land for productive purposes. "It's important for women to hold land. It's hard for them to have a life based on equality without it," says Martinez .

Kropotkin's Kaffe costs $14 per pound, $11 per pound for three pounds or more, and benefits the work of the Chicory Center. Much of the year, the coffee also serves as a fundraiser for community and social organizations in the Chicagoland area.

If you'd like to get Resistance Coffee's Kropotkin Kaffe delivered to your door, write to:

"I used to like Intelligentsia, but I can't even drink it after trying Resistance."
 - Anon