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Harvey TOD Zone:

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Metra Station Area Statistics:
 Category1/2 Mile
1 Mile
 5 Min. Drive
 Population Density
 5,673 5,308 4,290
 Average HH Income
 $39,045 $45,562 $47,914
 Median HH Income
 $36,937 $40,834 $42,487
 Total Employees
 1,812 12,441 18,985
 Total Retail Expenditure
 $21,296,813 $87,713,413 $177,868,695

 Weekday / Sat / Sun Boardings
 Commuter Parking Capacity (2008)
 Commuter Parking Utilization (2008)

Source: Demographic Data 2009 by Experian/Applied Geographic Solutions


Community Desires:

Harvey Station is an aesthetically designed train station located conveniently across the street from Pace’s Harvey Transportation Center and in close proximity to City Hall, YMCA, public library, and the post office. Due to its proximity to downtown Harvey, the station area contains a healthy mix of residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial uses. To accommodate future growth, the station area includes several
redevelopment opportunities on the eastern edge of the downtown, some of them owned by the city.

Commuter parking is provided around the train station in two (2) locations. The first is a linear parking lot along Park Avenue between 153rd and 155th Streets and the second larger lot (839 spaces) is located east of the station along 155th Street. Several Pace Buses stop at the Transportation Center, providing easy access to the train station. These include Routes 349, 350, 352, 354, 356, 364, 877, 889, and 890.

As part of a multi- faceted revitalization effort, the city of Harvey has created a redevelopment plan for the area surrounding Harvey Station.
The plan aims to transform the downtown station area into a prosperous and vibrant hub of economic and civic activity serving the South Suburbs.

The city envisions the downtown as an integrated mix of uses containing rehabilitated commercial buildings, new buildings with a variety of high quality businesses, civic facilities, and attractive open spaces in the heart of downtown. The city desires to build a variety of higher density housing types including townhomes, row homes, mid-rise condominiums, and single-family homes. Ease of access for pedestrians will be essential to the success of the Plan as the existing Metra station is not easily accessible
by walking commuters due to a lack of connectivity with surrounding residential neighborhoods.

To help implement the plan, the zoning and development regulations will need to be modified to facilitate transit-supportive and appropriately scaled redevelopment.
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