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Flossmoor TOD Phase 2:

Transit Oriented Development Zone

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 Travel Time to Downtown
 44 Minutes

 8,892 30,102
 Population Density
 3,225 2,830 3,060
 Average HH Income
 $150,113 $131,974 $99,571
 Median HH Income
 $118,348 $106,819 $83,151
 Total Employees
 648 2,971 12,414
 Total Retail Expenditure
 $41,355,471 $118,657,845 $334,649,448
 Weekday / Sat / Sun Boardings
 Commuter Parking Capacity (2008)
 Commuter Parking Utilization (2008)

Source: Demographic Data by Experian/Applied Geographic Solutions

Project Overview:

The development site is comprised of 10 lots located along the north side of Flossmoor Rd. within the Central Business District of the Village. The parcel is located approximately 100 yards from the south entrance of the Flossmoor Metra commuter stop. The lots are currently under common ownership. In 2005, the Village approved a PUD for the site consisting of a mixed used residential/commercial building. The Village is seeking a development proposal that would be generally consistent with the project approved in 2005.

Located at 2611-2625 Flossmoor Rd, the parcel is vacant and primary utilities (water, sanitary sewers, street access) are in place. The parcel has dimensions of 300 ft X 125 ft or approximately 0.86 acres.

The property is zoned B-5 Central Business District. This commercial classification permits a variety of retail, personal services, and business service uses. In addition, residential dwellings are a permitted use except on the first (ground) floor of the structure.

This zoning classification provides the Village and developers with a great degree of flexibility with regard to site design. The district regulations do not require minimum yards and allows for parking to be provided through a combination of off-street, on street, private and public spaces.

In late 2005 the Village approved a Planned Unite Development (PUD) for the site which consisted of a 37,290 sq. ft. mixed residential/commercial building. The approved building design provided for 9,480 sq. ft. of ground floor commercial space and twelve (12) residential condominiums on the upper three floors. Although demolition and site preparation proceeded soon afterwards the project did not proceed due to the collapse of the housing and economic market.

Flossmoor Develpoment Review Process