Welcome to The 2nd USMLE Step2 Clinical Skills Workshop

The 2nd USMLE Step 2 Clinical Skills workshop in Chiba University Hospital HPDC is a 3-day intensive workshop designed to help you prepare for the Clinical Skills component of the USMLE examinations using our state-of the-art simulation facilities at the Chiba Clinical Skills Center (CCSC) and highly trained English-speaking simulated patients.

The USMLE Step 2 CS is a practical examination 

which consists of a series of simulated patient encounters

in which candidates must demonstrate the ability to perform 

the following tasks:

  • Obtain a clinical history
  • Perform a focused physical examination
  • Determine differential diagnosis
  • Develop an initial management plan
  • Discuss the diagnosis with the patient
  • Write a clinical note  

Since the CS is a practical test is it often difficult to prepare for the exam, and many candidates often have to travel to the United States to attend preparation courses and mock examinations.

We created this workshop to provide high-quality instruction to help Japanese medical students, residents and medical doctors prepare for the exam without having to travel to another country or interrupt their regular work schedule.      


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Activity Sponsored by 
NPO DCS-NET: Chiba Doctors' Career Support Network