Welcome to Chung Hsin

Thank you for being interested in our complete high school program. Chung Hsin’s complete high school program provides an independent six-year high academic quality coherence curriculum for grades 7-12. We are aiming at recruiting elementary school graduates to enter this program.

The Chung Hsin campus is located in the outskirts of Hsinchu. It is a large, tranquil, and friendly learning environment. Our students primarily come from the surrounding areas of Hsinchu City, Hsinchu County, Taoyuan, and Miaoli. We are a 48-year-old private (independent) school currently providing high quality academic and character-building education for grades 7-12. Our mission is to enhance and pass on traditional Chinese cultural heritage, and prepare students for excellence in college & success in the future. We also emphasize the development of our students’ global perspective.

Our junior high school program for grades 7-9 was initiated in 2002. We are locally renowned for 1) Liberal arts education (symphony orchestra focused); 2) Bilingual education; 3) State-of-the-art technology for computer applications, and, having a safe & disciplined campus. We put excellent teachers in constant contact with our students to ensure everyone masters the academic curriculum with lots of individual help. The emphasis to good character is carefully integrated into our course works, extracurricular activities, and the way we treat each other everyday.  

The Chung Hsin Complete High School Program is highly selective and competitive. We welcome students who desire a good education and who are ready and willing to give their “very best.”

We are simply one of the best secondary education solutions in Taiwan, and we understand that your kids deserve the best future possible. Welcome to Chung Hsin!


Dr. TC Kao/Program Founder

Honorary  Chairman of Chung Hsin Foundation