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You can be a Super Summer Reader Slumpinator! Simply complete the reading logs provided by noting the book title and number of minutes read each day (at least 20 minutes per day). Add up the total minutes for each month and submit your logs to your teacher in September for a prize. Please make sure your first and last name is neatly written on your logs to get credit for your hard work. 

You can be recognized as a Reading Rockstar by completing at least one of the reading activities and return one of them to your teacher in September. Your project will be on display at Bragg School and you will receive a prize for your participation. 

Choose one of the writing assignments to bring in for a prize. It may be an essay, story, or comic strip - be creative! 

Complete the Math calendar for the grade you will be entering in the fall, and return to your teacher in September. A prize will be awarded for your hard work and you will be eligible to participate in a grade level game show! Prizes include sit-where-you-want-at-lunch, additional recess, and many more.