Trep$ (5th graders)

TREP$ 2017


Please don’t forget to attach the $25 Bragg Activities Fee made out to the Board of Ed. when registering.

    TREP$, the exciting, after school program, is being offered to 5th Grade students who are interested in being young entrepreneurs. The children will learn how to prepare for, start and operate their own business. This extracurricular learning opportunity begins with after school workshops. In these workshops, students will learn their entrepreneurship skills and prepare for the Mini-SHARK TANK where they will present their product(s) to parents and local business entrepreneurs. Then their culminating activity will be selling their product(s) at the TREP$ MARKET PLACE in December. This program takes place over an 8 week period, and is a unique and wonderful experience for ALL 5th Grade participants.

    The business idea your child has, can be as basic as a lemonade stand. We will help them with everything from brainstorming ideas, to pricing and display. It should be a fun experience, where your child is learning by DOING, and having fun the entire time. For business ideas Google TREP$ Market Place, or visit “Pinterest”, or go to for many great ideas.

    PARENTS: Want to help? That would be GREAT! Please look on the attached registration form to volunteer, and to get your child registered.  

The TREP$ workshops will cover topics such as: Product Development, Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Pricing, Handling Money, Knowing Your Target Market, and the importance of Donating and Supporting Your Community. The workshops will be held in the Bragg Cafeteria on Mondays and one Tuesday from 3:20 pm – 5:20 pm.

OCTOBER                                         ONLY IF NEEDED: Tues., Nov. 28th -  Make Up Day                           

#1 -  Mon., Oct. 23rd                              

#2 - Mon., Oct. 30th                                               DECEMBER                       

                                                                     MARKETPLACE - Mon., Dec. 4th                                                                                         

NOVEMBER                                                        #6 - Mon., Dec. 11th Final Workshop

#3 - Mon., Nov. 6th                                     

#4 - Mon., Nov. 13th and Tues., Nov. 14th  Mini-Shark Tanks   (Business Plan is DUE)

         You will be assigned one or the other to present your product to the Mini-Shark Tank Judges.

  PLEASE NOTE: We will NOT have a workshop during the week of THANKSGIVING.

#5 - Mon., Nov. 27th         

 TREP$ MARKETPLACE – MONDAY, Dec. 4th   set up begins as 5:30 pm

                                                   6:30pm – 8:00pm  open to the public

                               SNOW DATE for the MarketPlace: Tuesday, Dec. 5th                                                                          

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Parent Pick UpParents will be responsible for picking up their children punctually at 5:20 pm. by coming into the Bragg School Cafeteria.

Registration for the program is required by Wednesday, Oct. 18th by completing and returning the attached forms. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact either of the Program Coordinators.      Cynthia Thieringer and Susan Connelly / TREP$ Program Coordinators

TREP$ Fall 2017

REGISTRATION FORM for 5th Grade Students

Return this Form by Wednesday, Oct. 18th

Student Name ___________________________    Homeroom Teacher _________________________

Contact Phone # __________________________ Parent E-mail _______________________________

    My child will participate in the TREP$ after school Workshops and in the TREP$ Marketplace.

    I understand that I need to pick my child up at 5:20 pm at the Bragg School Cafeteria.

5:20 pm Workshop Dismissal Information:

I will pick my child up promptly at 5:20 pm in the Bragg School Cafeteria hallway

My child will be going to “Kid’s Club”

___________________________  has permission to pick my child up from a TREP$ Workshop.


I give permission for a picture of my child and name to be in the local  

newspaper and/or on the District Web Site.     I DO NOT

I give permission for my child to be video taped at the Mini-Shark Tank event, and to possibly be posted on the TREP$ ofFicial web site. I DO NOT


I have included $5 for a Bragg Entrepreneur T shirt, and I have completed the T-shirt order form.

My child DOES NOT want a Bragg Entrepreneur T shirt.


_____________________________________                          ________________________

                       Parent Signature                                                                                   Date

Return this Form by Wednesday, Oct. 18th to your child’s homeroom teacher.

  • I have attached a check for my $25 Bragg Activities Fee made out to the Chester Twp. Board of Ed.


Bragg Entrepreneur

                                       T Shirt Order Form  

Return with TREP$ Registration Form by Wednesday, Oct. 18th


PLEASE NOTE: This purchase is optional.



Name of BRAGG Entrepreneur: _____________________________


Homeroom Teacher:  (circle one)     


                    Cahill         Castro         Daly         Gau         Maico        Pennella    


The T- shirts run true to size.  ( write in the quantity being ordered)


___ Youth Small                             ___ Adult Small


___ Youth Medium                          ___ Adult Medium


___ Youth Large                              ___ Adult Large


___ Youth Extra Large



____  I have enclosed my check ($5.00 per T-shirt) made out to B & R Uniforms

____  I have enclosed cash in the amount of _________ .

PLEASE be sure to attach a check or cash with your order!

Michele Stanton,
Oct 6, 2017, 1:34 PM