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This multimedia site is created by Dodd Middle School students to highlight the happenings here at Dodd and in their everyday world.

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Special Recognitions

2015 CABE Top Award Winner Special AV "Speak Life"

2015 CABE Honorable Mention Special AV "Redemption"

2014 CABE Honorable Mention Educational Communications for "Website"

2013 CABE Top Award Winner Educational Communications "6th Grade Orientation"

2012 CABE Honorable Mention Special AV "6th Grade Orientation"

2012 CABE Honorable Mention Computer Generated Project "Morning Announcements"

2011 CABE Honorable Mention Special Project "Walking Tour of Hartford"

2010 CABE Top Award Winner Educational Communications "More Than a Fashion Statement"

2009 CABE Top Award Winner Educational Communications "DC Video Narratives"

We have been highlighted on the Cheshire Patch website