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Long-Standing Bus Driver Beef
by Doris Hall, 2019 (posted 10-28-18)

School buses are more harmful than helpful according to most of the CHS population. Every day when school gets out, the mad dash for the cars to beat the buses onto the main road begins. The student body is filled with different opinions on who should have the right of way: the bus drivers or the students. Student Jennifer Soeters from the senior lot says that when she leaves the school too late, she has to wait forever to get out because everyone is going only to one exit. Soeters thinks that the buses should have the right of way to leave first because they are so big that moving them out would reduce traffic. Matthew Esposito, a teacher at CHS, parks in the sub lot. He, too, agrees that bus drivers should have the right of way. “I think they’re regular people just like me and you and they’re just doing their job,” Esposito explains. 

In comparison, student Zach Nemphos has a very different opinion. Nemphos parks in the junior lot and says that it takes him 10 minutes to get onto the main road and once he does, there is always a bus in front of him or behind him. He claims that these bus drivers break the laws that explain the right of way. “The left arrow is their turn to go but green light is the junior lot's turn,” Nemphos says. The buses should yield to the right of way “because it’s the law and it helps with the flow of traffic.” He even claims that he’s been nearly hit by a bus being overly aggressive.

Obviously there are many mixed opinions at CHS. Bus driver David Dent believes that the buses should take priority over the students because “[the buses] have to get from one school to the next and there's no time in the schedule for hanging around.” Dent proposed a solution: he suggested that the students be blocked off at 2:09, which is when the buses leave. He argues that “it would take no more than three minutes” for the buses to get out if the students weren’t in the way. “I think things could be a lot smoother,” Dent adds. Dent shows that even with this wide array of opinions, one could produce a solution to work together and make compromises for the best of all parties involved.