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2018 March Opinions Open Letter to CHS, Wang

An Open Letter to Cheshire High School
by Annie Wang, 2018 (posted 3-1-18)

To the community at Cheshire High School:

I know you are scared.

You are fearful for your lives and afraid of going to school. The panic that has ensued following the tragedy at Stoneman Douglas and our own statewide tragedy at Sandy Hook just 5 years ago has shaken you up and made you angry. Rightfully so.

With the recent email from Superintendent Solan and the panic related to seeing a threat being made in our very own community, many of you are infuriated. Once again, rightfully so. Noone should have to be afraid to go to school and no student should have to live through an atrocity that is a mass shooting. I cannot begin to fathom the pain that is caused by such an act and will not try to.

However, you can be emboldened by these acts, and the anger that you may possess, fueled by frustration coursing through your veins, should be used so that no atrocity like this will ever happen again.

A mass shooting is an epidemic that does not happen in every nation like it does in the United States of America. There is clear change that must occur to ensure that we can successfully rid America of this gruesome epidemic.

But don’t let this anger subside. After national headlines and hashtags are no more, there will still be a terrible plague in our society that needs to be stopped. As elections pass, candidates will continue to be funded by gun rights organizations and support policies that will not help prevent these atrocities. So I beg that you take this as a wake up call to get involved year round. Political activism isn’t easy, but it is certainly worth it. Keep yourself informed. Take the effort to vote when you turn 18. Join your first campaign and knock on doors and make phone calls. These things may not be publicized as heavily and may be difficult, but they matter just as much. If the brave, inspiring students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School have taught us one thing, it is that young people have the ability to make a change. You have a voice. Let it be heard.