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Should we bring back February Break?
by Ethan Shan, 2018 (posted 1-19-16)

Many students have complained about the Board of Education’s decision to abolish February Break. Although the idea of getting out of school earlier by having less vacation time is pleasing to some, losing a whole week of time to finish projects and other work is seen as detrimental to others. I, the author, will have to agree with this latter group of students.

First, let’s start off by remembering what February break was like. The joy of that last Friday before break when we left school. The fun activities that we enjoyed, like traveling somewhere warm or having more time to interact with friends.

Now, think about February this year. Just a three day week jammed with just as much work as a regular 5-day week. Tests, quizzes, and projects that fill our agendas to the brim. Mountains of homework to do.

February break was our second underrated winter break. It was a time to relax after midterms. This year, instead, we are only given a long weekend. The loss of a much needed break from school is unacceptable for us students.

In addition, the original purpose of this action by the Board of Education isn’t completely fulfilled, making it useless. The last day of school is only moved up by three days. As the past demonstrates in great detail, the number of snow days can easily exceed this number by two to four times.

Also, we’ve been lucky this year, with El Niño in the Pacific and global warming in the atmosphere preventing the snow from falling upon New England. This trend is probably going to be commonplace in the future, as humans continue to hurt the Earth, making cold climates impossible and warm climates the new norm. As a result, climate is making this decision ineffective.On behalf of the majority of students in Cheshire High School who support bringing back February Break, I would like to say this to the Board of Education: bring the break back. It is the right thing to do, for as long as students yearn for a relaxation period and humans bring about warm climates that make snow days a thing of the past, February Break should remain. One day, February Break may no longer be needed, but that day will be the day that pigs fly.