CHS Video Production Studio Receives $73,000 Grant From Statewide Program

by Adam Garner, 2014 (posted 9-18-11)

The video production studio at CHS has received a $73,000 grant from the Public, Educational and Governmental Programming and Educational Technology Investment Account (PEGPETIA) statewide grant program. A grant is a sum of money given by an organization, especially a government, for a specific purpose. According to the PEGPETIA guidelines, the objective and goal of PEGPETIA is to increase the quality, quantity and variety of community access productions made available to Competitive Video Service Providers (CVSP) and Community Antenna Television (CATV) subscribers.

Video Production teacher Jeff Goodin and RAM-TV co-advisor Mike Solimine were both very excited when they were notified the production studio had received the grant.

“Mr. Solimine and I know it is going to allow us to greatly improve the studio. The money we received wasn’t available other than through the grant,” says Goodin.

According to Goodin the grant will benefit Video Production students because this year’s classes will be able to do more than classes from previous years.

"They haven’t spent a lot of time on studio production, which is part of the curriculum, because we are limited in the studio. After installation is completed, the classes will be able to do that unit the way it should be done,” says Goodin.

Solimine says the grant will benefit students involved with RAM-TV because it will give them more of a professional experience.

“The lighting is modeled after a couple local news channels, so it’s equipment that’s currently being used in the field, says Solimine.

The communications system the studio is receiving is going to mimic a technique also currently being used in professional broadcast journalism.

In addition, the studio will have three teleprompters when installation is completed. Right now, it only has one

“It will really give students a great experience,” says Solimine.

While all of the grant money is going back into the studio, most of the money is being used for lighting, which will be upgraded from the current lighting so that it is more energy-efficient, and improved quality as well.

“[The lights] make our shows look better. It will save money over time because of the energy efficiency,” says Goodin.

Solimine believes the lighting will make his job much easier.

“It’s going to be set up more multiple scenarios, so it’s going to reduce the amount of lighting that needs to be moved, hung, re-aimed. [All of the moving] is going to be done once, and hopefully it won’t need to be touched again until we install more lights. In that sense, that’s going to make my job easier,” says Solimine.

Another important aspect of the project is the role of Connecticut Light and Power, (CL&P), the company that provides power to homes and businesses, as well as schools and other public buildings across Connecticut.

According to Goodin, CL&P wants businesses to save energy because there is not enough for everybody in Connecticut who needs it. When projects like PEGPETIA arise, and CL&P sees the video production studio saving energy, they will contribute to some of the grant’s costs. CL&P will not directly buy equipment, but they will give CHS a rebate on the equipment instead.