A Message From the News Editor
by Sharon Bian, 2015 (posted 1-29-15)
So, the New Years Resolution (it demands capitalization): it’s a nice ritual, an effortless expectation, a socially acceptable opportunity for companies to choke my mailbox with glossy, smiley ads, promising the new and the different. I liked it more or less, in an offhand, slightly distracted way, until one day I actually began thinking about it. Full Article

CMEA All-States Experience
by Mara Tu, 2017 (posted 2-28-15)
These past few months have been a busy season for students in the CHS music department, who have been practicing hard to prepare several different pieces, scales, and techniques for a slew of concerts and auditions. Twenty-two CHS auditioners were accepted into the Connecticut Music Education Association (CMEA) Southern Region concert for band, orchestra, chorus, or jazz band. They were then given the opportunity to level up and audition for the prestigious CMEA All-States concert, which has even harsher competition. Full Article

Cocoa, Cookies, And Cramming for Midterms
by Alyssa DeLaubell, 2015 (posted 1-30-15)
Midterms are here again, accompanied by stress, panic, and the recurring mantra of “We never learned this!” This time is especially difficult for unwitting freshman, since this is their first time taking legitimate high school midterms. Full Article

Helping the Health Field: Getting in the Holiday Spirit
by Sharon Bian, 2015 (posted 1-30-15)
There were several simultaneous drives or fundraisers for the medical field that went on right before winter vacation, all organized by CHS clubs. Full Article

54,000 Pennies for Patients
by Sharon Bian, 2015 (posted 1-30-15)

Pennies for Patients, was run by CHS Key Club from December 1st right up until winter vacation, the 23rd. It was a way for students to easily get rid of their loose change and simultaneously donate to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, whose aim is to turn these spare coins--from schools all across the country--into an eventual cure for leukemia. Full Article

CHS Orchestra: Prepping for the Winter Concert
by Natalie Roach, 2017 (posted 12-16-14)

On Thursday, December 11th, the three main CHS bands--symphonic, concert, and orchestra--as well as a couple other various groups, will perform in the winter concert. The musicians involved have all been working extremely hard, in and out of school, to prepare for this event. Full Article

Winterfest Winter 


by Mara Tu, 2017 (posted 12-09-14)

The CHS second annual Winterfest was held on December 6th! Full Article

New and Improved Library
By Sharon Bian, 2015 (posted 11-24-2014)
The upgraded library has improved much from its former, dimly lit, slightly cramped state last spring. Today it’s a lot brighter and roomier, thanks to the new lighting, carpet, and floor plan, which was designed by CHS librarian Ms. Sarah Peters. Read More

CHS Community Service: Raking Leaves
by, Alyssa Addesso, 2016 (posted 12-18-14)

On Tuesday November 4th, while most people were still sleeping, multiple Cheshire High School students took part in the Annual Leaf Raking Community Service Event, which is organized by Assistant Principal Mr. Sansoucy. Students volunteer to rake leaves for senior citizens; it’s a fun and easy way for students to give back to the community. Full Article

India’s MOM Satellite
By Shivani Padhi , 2018 (posted 10-1-14)
Recently, India joined with the ISRO to launch the country’s first satellite, called MOM, to orbit around Mars. MOM stands for Mangalyaan, which means “Mars craft” in Hindi. Read more
CHS’s Unresolvable Parking Lot Problem is Here to Stay    By Skyler Sklenarik, 2015 (posted 10-4-14)
For the nine years that assistant principal Mr. Richard Sansoucy has worked at CHS, not a month has passed in which end-of-the day traffic flow has not posed a major issue for students, buses, faculty, and the like. During the first week of the 2014-15 school year, students were informed they would only be allowed to exit the senior parking lot by taking a right from the Elmwood Drive exit. Read more

How to Change Your Life in Three Days     
By Skyler Sklenarik, 2015 (posted 9-8-14)

Three days. 36 hours. And then there’s no going back.Read more

What is Yet to Come 
By Marissa Cohen, 2015 (posted 9-8-14)   
I am the definition of a creature of habit. I enjoy a routine just as much as the next guy or gal. I like seeing familiar faces and being submerged in a comfortable environment. However, I know that in one year I will have to emerge from my comfort zone. Read more

Seniors Draw on Walls
By Shuang Guan, 2015 (posted 8-21-14)
On Tuesday, August 19, rising seniors of the Class of 2015 returned to CHS to pick up thei
r senior t-shirts and decorate the senior wall in the math hallway.
Full Article

Finally Here
By Sharon Bian, 2015 (posted 10-1-14)
So. Finally, after years of stressing and testing, binge eating and procrastinating - after spending the wee hours of August 26th frantically printing out pages of summer work - It’s finally here. It being senior year. And right now, It feels strangely anticlimactic. Read more
CHS Librarian’s Actress Sister Killed in Tragic Accident
By Skyler Sklenarik, 2015 (posted9-8-14)

Ms. Molly Glynn, accomplished Chicago actress, theater performer, and younger sister of CHS librarian Ms. Sarah Peters, passed away on Saturday, September 6th after a freak bicycle accident the day before. Read more

Fall Sports Captains Take it Up a Level
y Skyler Sklenarik, 2015 (posted 9-8-14)
CHS fall sports captains attended a Leadership Conference on Monday, September 8th in New Haven, dressed to impress and excited for the start of their seasons. Read more