2011-12 Managing Editor-Web / Sports Editor
Sharon Turret, 2012

Birthday: August 30, 1994

Hobbies: I love drawing, painting, and doing anything art related really, and when I have the time (which sadly isn't too often) I like to read.

Sports/Activities: I run indoor and outdoor track, and am captain of the indoor team. I'm also president of the Mock Trial club, and in Model UN.

Favorite Subject: I'm a fan of anything social studies related, whether it's economics, psychology, or government.

Favorite part of CHS: ROOM 91. It's the only place to hang out, besides room 113. And I like it up in guidance, its a fun place for study hall. 

Favorite time of year: Hanukkah. Who wouldn't want eight days of presents? 

Other Interests: I'm really interested in traveling and learning about other cultures. This year I'm doing an independent law study, which is super fun. For college I'm looking to major in International Affairs and then go on to law school. Also eating lox and cream cheese bagels is an important part of my life.

Why you like writing for the Rampage: I like writing for Rampage because it helps me to get to know CHS better, and have a great appreciation for things that go on within it. It also gives me the opportunity to write about whatever it is I want that's going on in the world, and have it published, which is always a cool thing.

One reason why everyone at CHS should read the Rampage: Because I write for it.