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Shreya Bhandari, 2012

Copy Editor
Shreya Bhandari, 2012

Birthday: April 30, 1994

Hobbies: Music, running, reading, making and/or laughing at nerdy jokes

Sports/Activities: Rampage, Mock Trial, NEHS

Favorite Subject: Science (especially biology!), English

Favorite part of CHS: Walking the hallways when they are not crowded, room 91 (so many good times there).

Favorite time of year: Summer, because the warm weather makes me feel energized. Also, I like autumn, primarily for the beautiful foliage, and that crisp, fall smell.

Other Interests: talking (via phone or online), volunteering for the blood drive, reading biology-related textbooks/publications, watching medical dramas in which the actors play doctors who practice bogus medicine (specifically, House, M.D.)

Why you like writing for the Rampage: Writing for the Rampage allows me to write what interests me and gives me the freedom of how I want to deliver it. It’s different than writing an analytical response-to-literature essay, or a conclusion question on a science lab report. When I write for my school newspaper, I find it exceedingly cathartic; it’s in my own freestyle and my voice comes across loud and clear.

One reason why everyone at CHS should read the Rampage: Why wouldn’t anyone want to read our school newspaper? It’s all about you guys! It is everything that is happening around you, and can ultimately affect you. You are part of a community at CHS, and it is your duty to know what is happening in your environment so you can be a positive addition to it.