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Mamma Mia!
by Danielle Dennehy , 2022 (posted 4-1-19)
Although the brisk winter season is coming to a close, the sensation of tanning on the beach and swimming in the ocean seems to be something that can only be longed for. Students are too caught up in the bustle of school work to take some time to enjoy themselves. Summer vacation may is a dreadful 3 months away, but, luckily, that doesn’t mean you have to wait to have fun. This Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, the Cheshire High Drama Department will take you on a dazzling trip to Greece, as it presents its spring musical Mamma Mia! Read more

Mamma Mia Senior Spotlight: Elizabeth Feest
by Grace Azaula, 2020 (posted 3-28-19)
For the past few months, senior Elizabeth Feest has been dedicating all of her time and energy into one incredible show...Mama Mia! She is playing Donna, a hardworking, spirited mom with a wild past. After many years of dedication to the CHS drama department, Elizabeth says her final goodbyes to the program, whilst giving us an insider scoop on the production. Read more

Mamma Mia Senior Spotlight: Paige Remillard
by Grace Azaula, 2020 (posted 3-25-19)

CHS senior Paige Remillard has been working tirelessly on her final performance at Cheshire High: Mamma Mia! She is playing Rosie, one of Donna’s spunky, hilarious friends. After dedicating four years to the CHS drama department, Paige reflects back on her time in the program, while also giving us some much desired insight on the current production. Read more

Students Take 5 APs: What Happens Next Will Shock You!
by Sanvi Bhardwaj, 2020 (posted 2-18-19)
We’ve all been there. The 2 AM struggle, barely awake but still doing homework, working on a project, or studying for a test. And this happens more often than we’d like. Here’s a firsthand look at some of the brightest, yet most sleep-deprived students at Cheshire High School.  Read More

I Would Give this a Title, But I Procrastinated Writing the Article
by Sanvi Bhardwaj, 2020 (posted 2-18-19)
The art of procrastination is something almost all high school students have mastered. The act of delaying something until the very last moment until it’s due is second nature to Arlo Hatcher (2020), Wade Fowler (2020), and Asher Fritz (2020). These juniors have figured out a way to somehow maintain decent grades while doing the bare minimum. Read More

10 of Martin Luther King's Most Inspirational Quotes
by Grace Azaula, 2020 (posted 1-21-19)

This weekend we have been blessed with an extra monday off, conveniently in the middle of exam week. The majority of students are most likely using it to cram in some last minute studying for midterms, or are dedicating the day to catching up on their sleep. However, we often forget that this monday was declared a national holiday, not so that we busy High School students can catch up with life, but to celebrate the incredible Civil Rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He was an incredible man who fought against injustice, using peace and love as his weapons. So today, whether it be during a study break, or after you wake up from a long nap, take a quick glance at some of Dr. King’s most inspirational quotes. Read more

Bucket List Broadway: An Opportunity for Everybody to Shine
by Grace Azaula, 2020 (posted 1-16-19)
On February 9th, CHS Drama students will be performing a cabaret called Bucket List Broadway at the Waverly Inn. The incredibly talented performers will be singing a variety of songs about love that you won't want to miss, so come support them! Read more

Nadia DiNatale's Fight for Equality
by Grace Azaula, 2020 (posted 12-27-18)
It is no surprise that Cheshire High School’s theatre department is full of talent. Whether you come see the musicals, fall plays, one acts shows, or all of the above, you are sure to be blown away by the ensemble’s singing, dancing, acting, and enthusiasm. However, it is not everyday that you get to see these performers individual talents. Although group dances, songs, and scenes are tons of fun, there is nothing like getting a chance to show off what you’ve got, and on February 9th, these performers will get an opportunity to do just that. On that night young performers from the CHS theatre department will get their chance to shine at this year’s Bucket List Broadway, hosted at the Waverly Inn.

Suite Surrender Review
by Callie Fritz, 2020 (posted 11-29-18)
This year, I was able to attend Cheshire High School’s production of Suite Surrender on November 16th, and it was an absolutely perfect play, from start to finish. There was never a moment that the audience was not either laughing madly in their seats, or glued to the stage in absolute silence, riveted by the action. Written by Michael McKeever, Suite Surrender centers around a World War II benefit being put on at the Palm Beach Royale Hotel, and the hilarity that ensues from the two stars of the show. Read more

Senior Spotlight Male: Chris Baker
by Grace Azaula, 2020 (posted 11-14-18)
Chris Baker, a senior this year, has been working on one of his final CHS productions, Suite Surrender. Over his four years at Cheshire High School, Chris Baker has been an avid participant in the drama program. Come support this amazing senior in his final fall performance, Suite Surrender on November 15th, 16th, and 17th! Read More

Suite Surrender
by Grace Azaula, 2020 (posted 11-14-18)
This year, Cheshire High School’s Drama department is starting off their season with a bang, performing the comedy Suite Surrender on November 15th, 16th, and 17th. The cast, crew, and others have been working extremely hard these past few months to make the show the best it can be, so make sure to come! Read More

Students Bombarded By ‘New’ Cheshire High Senior Picture Regulation
by Brooke Fournier, 2019 (posted 10-28-18)
Seniors of Cheshire High were recently made aware that they are not allowed to upload a full-body shot for their senior photo, and if they do, it will be cropped by the yearbook committee. Students and teachers alike have opinions on this decision made by the yearbook committee, and some that have already had their pictures taken are worried that they will not fit the requirements. Should this rule be changed? Read More

Long-Standing Bus Driver Beef
by Doris Hall, 2019 (posted 10-28-18)
School buses are more harmful than helpful, according to most of the CHS population. Every day after school gets out, there is a mad dash for the cars to beat the buses on to the main road begins. The student population is filled with different opinions on who should have the right of way: the bus drivers or the students. Read More

What Was 75 Students is Now 12
by Alexa Schweighoffer, 2019 (posted 10-28-18)
The provided AP European History class at Cheshire High School is receding, due to lack of student interest. Some students do not feel they need European History for their future career path. Inclusion of the AP US Government course has also lead to a drastic decline. Students may feel that European History is disadvantageous because it does not affect and relate to the US and students as directly as an AP Government subject might. However, the session has major benefits for students. Read More

“Finding Your Place in The Herd” at Cheshire High School’s Club Fair
by Grace Azaula, 2020 (posted 10-22-18)
On Monday, October 1st, the annual CHS club fair was hosted in the east gym during all three lunch waves. This fair is held every year as a way to introduce students to clubs and activities, in hopes that every student will find the thing that makes high school more fun for them. From politics, to sports, the arts, and almost everything in between, the club fair had a place for people with varying interests. Read More

CHS Summer Reading Program
by Manavi Jain, 2018 (posted 6-15-18)
Hey guys, it is almost summer! And you know exactly what that means... the all new 2018 reading summer list is out! Sign up for the 2018-19 summer reading program due by the last day of school, June 21st by going to : goo.gl/fctNMq 

B1 Day 2018
by Grace Azaula, 2020 (posted 6-14-18
On a normal day of school, students stay inside their classrooms, doing school work, studying, and learning about important subjects like math, english, history, and science. However, there are some very important lessons that one may not learn from this traditional classroom. Read More

The Royal Wedding
by Manavi Jain, 2018 (posted 5-21-18)
On May 19, 2018the royal wedding took place between Prince Harry and Princess Meghan Markle. They were married at St. George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle, in the United Kingdom. Read More

Discovery STEM Expo Fair
by Manavi Jain, 2018 (posted 3-19-18)
On Saturday, March 17 2018, the Discovery STEM Expo Fair took place at Cheshire High School. It was an event for all grade levels—elementary, middle and high school. Some created a product of their own, while other “works of art” were done in teams. Read More

Dr. Gadd Tries New “Cheshire Chat” Activity
by Julia Acquavita, 2018 (posted 3-13-18)
On Monday, February 5th, Dr. Gadd, Cheshire High School’s principal, tested the CHS waters with a new activity in place of advisory, this activity being called the “Cheshire Chat.” These Cheshire Chats are designed for students to engage in conversation with their administrative figures, such as Dr. Gadd herself, in order to foster a meaningful relationship amongst students and their teachers. Read More

An Open Letter to Cheshire High School
by Annie Wang, 2018 (posted 3-1-18)
To the community at Cheshire High School: 
I know you are scared. You are fearful for your lives and afraid of going to school. The panic that has ensued following the tragedy at Stoneman Douglas and our own statewide tragedy at Sandy Hook just 5 years ago has shaken you up and made you angry. Rightfully so. 
Read Here

Prospective on Ithaca College
by Don Therkildsen, 2018 (posted 2-22-18)
Almost five hours away from Cheshire, a bit ways south of Syracuse in upper New York, resides a notorious school: Ithaca College (in Ithaca, New York). This college is notorious for its arts programs, including those of writing and the performance arts. It is renowned for its theater program, and it devotes several different buildings to different fields, like the Dillingham Center, devoted to the production of multiple shows a year, or Park Hall which educates students majoring in communications, so future filmmakers and the like attending Ithaca find much of their time spent here. Full Article 


by Annie Wang, 2018 (posted 2-22-18)

On Thursday February 8th, 24 Cheshire High School students attended the annual Johns Hopkins Model United Nations Conference in Baltimore, Maryland. The conference was held at the Hilton Hotel and was attended by students from various states and countries. Read More

Important updates on Senior Prom 

by Manavi Jain, 2018 (posted 2-21-28)

Hey seniors! Time flies in highschool in highschool especially senior year when we are all busy applying for colleges and scholarships. However, we must not the forget the fun things like prom!
Prom seems like 3 months but it’s really just around the corner. This year, senior prom, will be held at the Aqua Turf located in Plantsville Connecticut on Saturday May 12th. The theme of this year’s starry night. Read More

Register for AP exam

by Shivani Padhi, 2018 (posted 2-21-18)

Register for the AP Registration for the AP exams are now available from January 25th until February 23rd. Students and parents can sign up through the myschoolbucks website: https://www.myschoolbucks.com/ver2/login/getmain?requestAction=home . Read More

MechaRAMS preparing for this years game, Power Up

by Shivani Padhi, 2018 (posted 2-20-18)
On January 6th, 2018, MechaRAMS, the Cheshire High School’s robotics team and other teams from different schools congregated for kickoff of the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC). The kickoff unveils the game of the year through a live stream and reveals the game’s rules and regulations. Read More

Senior Spotlight Male: Joe Berardi 
by Simran Kaur, 201(posted 2-18-18)

Merrily We Roll Along is a Sondheim musical which takes the audience backwards in time to explain the collapse of a friendship between three best friends—Frank Shepherd, Charley Kringas, and Mary Flynn—who get lost in their journey to success. Joe Berardi, 2018, is currently performing in one of his last shows, Merrily We Roll Along, as Charley Kringas. Read More

Senior Spotlight Female: Alex Glenn

by Don Therkildsen, 2018 (posted 2-18-18)

Alex Glenn, 2018, is a member of CHS Drama and currently in the production of Merrily We Roll Along. She has been in many of the shows in the past as an actor and tech crew member. She has been in Mary Poppins, Radium Girls, and She Stoops To Conquer as tech crew and in Singin’ In The Rain as an actor. Read More

Merrily We Roll Along
by Simran Kaur, 2018 (posted 2-18-18)

Image result for merrily we roll along poster
Stephen Sondheim is known for his music in West Side Story, Into The Woods, Sweeney Todd, and much more! His work influenced modern theater and performers. After creating many successful shows, Sondheim decided to take on the enduring task of creating a show with another legend, Hal Prince. With their efforts, they created Merrily We Roll Along. Read More

Bucketlist Broadway

by Grace Azaula, 2020 (posted 2-18-18)

Singing. Dancing. Food. Love These are the things that make the world go round. But where could you possibly find all of them at once? Bucket List Broadway, of course! On February 10th, CHS Drama held their annual Bucket List Broadway event at the Waverly Inn. This event is a great way for local singers to perform songs from their favorite musicals, and for audience members to enjoy delicious horderves while listening to extremely talented performers, some of whom were CHS students themselves. Read More

Blade Runner
by Don Therkildsen, 2018 (posted 2-18-18)

On October 6 of last year, Blade Runner 2049 hit theaters, and was a long awaited sequel to the big-name director Ridley Scott’s 1982 film, Blade Runner. It includes Hollywood stars like Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford, Jared Leto, Robin Wright, and Emily Blunt. Read More

CHS Club Fair: An Opportunity for Many
by Abby Dziura, 2020 (posted 10-5-17)
On Monday October 2nd, you would have been hard pressed to find an empty corner of the east gym. That's because it held the annual CHS Club Fair, which helps promote the various clubs around school. Full Article

Cheshire High School Senior Accepted into All-National Choir

by Annie Wang, 2018 (posted 9-20-17) 

Cheshire High School senior Sophia Cheng has been selected as one of the top 350 high school singers in the nation for the 2017-18 National Association for Music Education Mixed Choir. Full Article

Fall Festival Fun

by Manavi Jain, 2018 (posted 9-19-17)
On Saturday September 16, 2017, many local businesses and organizations came together for a community gathering at the Cheshire Community Fall Festival. It’s a wonderful event that takes place every fall, at Bartlem Park. It is a great opportunity for various businesses, high school clubs, families and friends to come together for a big get together. Read More

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A Force for Change: Fundraising for The Small Things Organization
by Abby Dziura, 2020 (posted 5-2-17)
In the Star Wars world, May 4th and May 5th are more than just random dates on the calendar: they cause for celebration. “May the 4th” is officially Star Wars day, and “Revenge of the 5th” is an extension of that, seeing as they are both puns that reference the series. Read More

What Is Up With These Teacher Contracts?
by Julia Acquavita, 2018 (posted 3-21-17)
This past month, the controversial topic of teacher contracts has been making its way into various conversations among the residents of Cheshire. I know what you may be thinking. Read More

Successful Feminists Event at CHS
by Julia Acquavita, 2018 (posted 3-7-17)
“I was very proud that 100 of our students volunteered to attend the event and that every one of them fully committed to the content and the discussions that followed. I am so proud of them for addressing very serious and adult issues with concern and respect for each other,” says Tina Ocone, leader of the Young Feminists club. 

On Wednesday January 25th, Cheshire High School’s Young Feminists Club, led by world language teacher Tina Ocone, took on the task of organizing an event in the CHS library to help raise student’s awareness of the importance of gender equality in our society. Read More

Should School Start at a Later Time?

by Julia Acquavita, 2018 (posted 3-6-17)

“This research indicates that school bells that ring as early as 7:00 a.m. in many parts of the country stand in stark contrast with adolescents' sleep patterns and needs,” according to the National Sleep Foundation.

Throughout the past few years, much controversy and conversation has surrounded the issue of what time school should start, especially at Cheshire High School. Read More

A Classical Movie Turned Musical at CHS
by Abby Dziura, 2020 (posted 2-13-17)
This year, on March 23rd, 24th, and 25th, CHS Drama Club will be putting on a
performance of the classic movie-musical Singin’ in the Rain. It will be directed by
English teacher Ms. Demeo. This year’s show is a hilarious re-imagining of the 1952

Register for the AP Exams!
by Shivani Padhi, 2018 (posted 1-30-17)  
Registration for the AP exams are now available from January 25th until February 23rd. Students and parents can sign up through the myschoolbucks website: https://www.myschoolbucks.com/ver2/login/getmain?requestAction=home 
As a reminder, the Registration Information video can be found HERE. Full article

Careers in Sports Medicine and Nutrition
by Manavi Jain, 2018 (posted 1-29-17)
On January 28, 2017 students from different regions of CT including Cheshire High School attended the Code One CPR training through the Careers in Sports Medicine and Nutrition (CSMN) program. Code One training is a by product of the American Heart Association, where CPR, AED and other life support courses are available for samaritans. Full Article

Get your Practice ACT Score Back
by Shivani Padhi, 2018 (posted 1-26-17)
Congratulations on taking you practice ACT! Get your scores and a personalized report on your strengths and weaknesses on Thursday February 9th from 7 PM to 8:15 PM at CHS. Full Article

Fighting Off Sickness in Winter
by Jessica Tan, 2018 (posted 1-21-17)

In January 2016, 11% of Americans caught the common cold and 3.9% caught the flu. Although it has been shown that cold weather and chances of getting sick have no correlation, winter still tends to increase the percentages of people with the cold or flu. According to a Dr. John Watson, a medical epidemiologist with the US CDC, may suggest that people’s behavior during the winter—such as congregating indoors in smaller spaces—may be the true cause. Whatever the cause may be, it is important to find ways to stay as healthy as possible this winter. Full Article

Here is your Chance to take a full Practice ACT at CHS: Sign up Now!
by Shivani Padhi, 2018 (posted 1-8-17)
Attention all 10th and 11th graders, Cheshire High School’s PTO group has planned to enact a practice ACT test to take place at CHS Cafe on January 21st, 2017. Full Article

Memorable Winter Concert
by Annie Wang, 2018 (posted 12-23-16)
On December 15th, the Cheshire High School band and orchestra held their annual winter concert in the Thorp Auditorium. However, the events that would unfold throughout the night were not exactly “annual”. Full Article

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Review
by Abby Dziura, 2020 (posted 12-21-16)
Want to know more about the new Stars Wars movie, "Rogue One"? Read this to find out more about it! Full Article

New Era in Cheshire Girls Basketball
by Mike Lewis, 2018 (posted 12-15-16)
On December 15th, 2015, following her team’s opening victory against Guilford, Sarah Mik announced that the 2015-16 season as Cheshire High School varsity girls basketball head coach would be her last. As the Rams fought to an 8-12 record along with state tournament berth last year, the question loomed: Who would be the replacement? It wasn’t until May 6th, 2016 that the decision was announced: Michelle Vieira would be Cheshire’s next head coach. Full Article

CHS Fall Leaf Raking 2016

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Unofficial Election Results for Cheshire
*Does not include absentee ballots
Presidential Election- Clinton
Senate- Blumenthal
House of Representatives- Esty
State Senate-D13- Suzio
State Senate-D16- Markley
State Representative-D89- Zupkus
State Representative-D90- Fishbein
State Representative-D103- Falvey

Senior Theater Spotlight: Katie Sparks
by Simran Kaur, 2018 (posted 11-10-16)
Katie Sparks, 2017, is cast to play Kathryn Shaub in the play, Radium Girls. Kathryn is a factory worker and is friends with the main character, Grace Fryer, played by Katie Ardesia, 2017. They both end up contracting a disease which leads to a series of dramatic events. Read More

Keep Moving Forward in Life
By Kyle Leff, 2018 (posted 10-25-16)                                                                               
On September 12th and October 6th, Cheshire High School (CHS) hosted a College Fair from 6pm to 8pm. Over 75 colleges attended this fair to showcase their college and to answer any questions asked by prospective students from CHS and other students from the vicinity. Read More

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