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NiceNice_Work_If_You_Can_Get_It_Logo.jpg Work, CHS Drama
by Alyssa Addesso, 2016 (posted 4-4-15)

The CHS Drama Department spent three incredible evenings--March 26th, 27th, and 28th--performing the spring musical, “Nice Work If You Can Get It,” directed by Ms. Dawn DeMeo and Ms. Taryn Chorney. Full Article

FEA Visits Quinnipiac
by Shuang Guan (posted 4-5-15)

On March 17, members of Cheshire High School’s Future Educators of America club visited Quinnipiac University to learn about teaching. Students had a great time participating in interactive activities and panels. Full Article

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A Message From the Editor in Chief
The Magic in Secrets
by Skyler Sklenarik, 2015 (posted 4-2-15)
I am forever awed by hidden talents. And it seems to me that the older we all get, the greater my amazement becomes. Full Article

A Message From the Managing Editor
Easy Ways to Stay Active in School
by Marissa Cohen, 2015 (posted 4-2-15)
Spring is officially here, which means spring sports are in full swing. However, sports may not be for everyone. Fortunately, there are simple, effective ways to sneak activity into your daily school day. Full Article

Top 5 Must-Do’s for CHS Students
By Zach Winch, 2015 (posted 10-4-14)
The senior class of 2015 gave advice to the underclassmen on what they should do before they graduate Cheshire High School. Interviews with seniors around the school resulted in a list of the top five things students should consider participating in before they leave Cheshire. Read more

Upcoming SAT and ACT Dates 
As September rolls around, the infamous standardized testing season is upon CHS. It is imperative that juniors and seniors pay close attention to registration dates for both the SATs and ACTs to avoid paying late fees. Click here to find dates

Out of Class, Need a Pass By Conner Gunneson, 2015
This year the Cheshire High School hall monitoring staff has stepped up their surveillance of the hallways. During class, students are always required to carry a pass administered by a teacher stating the student’s name, the time the pass was given, and their destination when they leave a room for any reason. Read more

New Language Lab Sparks Controversy
By Sara Como, 2015 (posted 10-4-14)
During the middle of the 2012-2013 school year, Cheshire High School made the decision to add a language lab in the front of the building. To the language teachers, this was a great addition; however, many students feel otherwise.
Read more

CHS Hires Evening Hall Monitor

(posted 3-10-15)

CHS recently hired Chris Dimaria as an evening hall monitor. Dimaria is a familiar face to many as he graduated from CHS in 2009. The hours of the position are typically from 3-9pm. In an effort to eradicate e-cigarette use and limit students wandering, Dimaria will be working from 11:30-5:30 to support these efforts.

Clever Chrome Extensions

By Annie Wang, 2018 (posted 3-9-15)

If you are a user of the most popular web browser in the United States, you may know that one of the great features of Google Chrome is called Chrome Extensions. Full Article

Congratulations, CHS Musicians!

by Alice Chen, 2015 and Annie Wang, 2018 (posted 2-1-15)

Over the last few months, CHS musicians have 

been busy practicing, auditioning, and performing Connecticut Music Educators Association (CMEA) and New England Music Festival Association (NEMFA) pieces for two competitions of the Connecticut and New England area

Full Article

 Introducing Snapchat Discover 
by Marissa Cohen, 2015 (posted 1-29-15)

On January 27th, Snapchat released a new feature of the app: Snapchat Discover. Snapchat Discover allows other companies to publish multim

edia content via Snapchat, according to the company. There are currently 11 channels users can browse from.Each channel posts between 5 and 10 stories per day. Full Article.

Superbowl is More Than Just the Game
by Drew Feinberg, 2016 (posted 1-24-15)
SuperBowl XLIX is quickly approaching, and ESPN will be covering more than 120 hours of radio and television during the event. Full Article

Don't Let College Scholarships Get Away
by Connor Hill, 2015 (posted 1-24-15)
Early November was when the first college acceptance letters were handed out at Cheshire high School.The CHS Guidance Department has been working hard to make sure that the college process for seniors is as easy and as cheap as  possible. Full Article

Mad About Madden NFL Mobile

by Nathaniel Montoya, 2018 (posted 1-25-15)

Stuck inside or bored out of your mind? If you love playing on your smart phones then you will love this months app, which is Madden Mobile. Full Article

Remembering Isabella Gozzo by Marissa Cohen, 2015 (posted 1-4-15) 

On Saturday December 13, 2014 Cheshire High School 2014 graduate Isabella Gozzo was killed in a fatal car accident. Gozzo was studying Communications and Sports Broadcasting at Suffolk University before her passing. While the Cheshire community mourns over this loss, the life of Isabella is being celebrated in her honor. Full Article 

The Xenophobia of the Capitalists
by Charles Biddiscombe, 2015 (posted 12-16-14)
“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me. I lift my lamp beside the golden door.” Full Article

ECA Program 2015-2016 Deadlines click here for details 

CHS Orchestra: Prepping for the Winter Concert

by Natalie Roach, 2017 (posted 12-16-14)

On Thursday, December 11th, the three main CHS bands--symphonic, concert, and orchestra--as well as a couple other various groups, will perform in the winter concert. The musicians involved have all been working extremely hard, in and out of school, to prepare for this event. Full Article 

Winterfest Winter Success!

by Mara Tu, 2017 (posted 12-9-14)
The CHS second annual Winterfest was held on December 6th! Full Article

JSA: Fall State 2014
by Mehreen Pasha, 2018 (posted 12-16-14)
Recently, Junior State of America attended the annual Fall State event in Boston, Massachusetts to participate in engaging debates with other high school students from around the northeast. Full Article

CHS Select Choirs Take Center Stage in Lincoln Center
by Skyler Sklenarik, 2015 (posted 12-10-14)

Eighteen students from CHS select choirs had the honor of being part of the only high school group to perform at Alice Tully Hall in Lincoln Center with professional adult singers and orchestra on Sunday, November 9th, 2014. Full Article

UCONN French Day
Shuang Guan, 2015 (posted 12-10-14)
On November 6, UConn hosted its annual French Immersion Day and Quiz Bowl Competition. Seven AP French students and French teacher Madame Ocone attended. Over the course of the day, students spoke french, learned about french culture, met other french-speaking Connecticut high schoolers, and competed in a quiz bowl on everything french. Full Article

Safe School Climate Committee
by Emma Purtell, 2015 (posted 12-10-14)
The Safe School Climate Committee is combined with a selected group of both students from all different grade levels and adults, educators as well as parents. It was created a few years ago by Assistant Principal Mr. Sansoucy to promote a healthy environment for our school. Full Article

The Changing Definition of the A 
by Hudson Lee, 2015 (posted 11-21-14)

We’re taught that the coveted ‘A’ displayed in PowerSchool represents excellent work ethic, class participation, breadth of knowledge, and depth of understanding. Then why, on average, are we receiving better grades and taking more advanced courses (such as AP or IB) while our overall learning and college readiness are suffering a decline?  

Full Article

St. Louis Cardinals Right Fielder Oscar Taveras Dies in Car Crash by Brendan Kennedy, 2015 (posted 11-4-14)
On Sunday, October 26, the game of baseball lost one of its’ young and up-and-coming prospects in Oscar Taveras, the St Louis Cardinals right fielder. Taveras, 22 years old, and his girlfriend, 18, died in the Dominican Republic when Taveras lost control of his car on the highway and crashed. Read more

CHS’s Julia Torok to Perform in Nashville, TN October 26-29 “NAfME All-National Honor Choir” Read more

31st Music in Motion is Kick (Br)ass
by Hudson Lee, 2015 (posted 10-16-14)
What better way is there to spend a cold October night than to watch breathtaking performances by Connecticut's high school marching bands with a cup of steaming clam chowder in had?  Read more

CHS Theater Gets Spotlighted on NBC Connecticut
Story link (posted 10-10-14)

Seven CHS Seniors Nationally Recognized for Merit 
By Skyler Sklenarik, 2015 (posted 10-1-14)
Seven CHS seniors were recognized as Semifinalists in the 60th Annual National Scholarship Program, a number that represents less than one percent of U.S. high school seniors. Read more

Senioritis Worsens as the Senior Walk Rules Become Stricter 
By Melissa Hackerman, 2015 (posted 10-1-14)
This year the class of 2015 at Cheshire High School has faced problems with the senior walk due to the strict rules put in place by school administrators.
Read more

CHS Legend Retiring: Just Another Step in His Journey
By Justin Kunz, 2015 (posted 10-4-14)
This June, Mr. Robert Schaefer will retire from his 27 years of teaching and coaching at Cheshire High School. His room, once bustling with students, athletes, and peers looking for advice, will be passed on to another teacher. However, it will be impossible for his legacy to disappear. His history at CHS has earned him a place in the hearts of the entire student body. Read more

CHS Student Selected to Perfor
m in Army All-American    Marching Band
(posted 9-26-14)
On Friday, September 26, 2014, 9:00 a.m.; members of the U.S. Army All-American Marching Band Selection Committee conducted a special ceremony in the Auditorium to honor senior band member and drum major, Ricardo Valentin. Read more

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A Message from the Public Relations Editor and the Layout Editor:
by Gigi Shugrue and Angela Zhu, 2017 (posted 3-15-15)
Is it black and blue, white and gold, blue and gold, or none of the above? On the evening of February 26, the internet blew up… literally. Why, you ask? BECAUSE OF THE DRESS. As long as you haven’t been living under a rock, you probably know about this new internet sensation. Full Article

Balance Your Time with School and Sports

Cheshire High Makes Top Grade
Press Release (posted 9-15-14)
On Tuesday, September 9th, 2014 Newsweek Magazine named Cheshire High School one of the Top 500 Public High Schools in America. Read more

CHS’s Unresolvable Parking Lot Problem is Here to Stay
By Skyler Sklenarik, 2015 (posted 10-4-14)
For the nine years that assistant principal Mr. Richard Sansoucy has worked at CHS, not a month has passed in which end-of-the day traffic flow has not posed a major issue for students, buses, faculty, and the like.  Read more

Asbestos Invades West Gym
Victoria Schoenwald, 2015 (posted 10-1-14)
The West Gym of Cheshire High School is being redone after asbestos was found underneath the wood over the summer. Gym classes and the girls volleyball team are being displaced due to the inaccessible gym. Read more