Congrats to Juniors Matt Rand & Kate Daly, who were Awarded Scholarships To UCONN Engineering Summer ProgramDr. Amvrossios Bagtzoglou,left, Head of UCONN's  Civil and Environmental Engineering Program awarded Matt Rand, 2015, and Kate Daly, 2015 scholarships to UCONN's Exploring Engineering Summer program.  Students will spend a week in June, at UCONN, exploring the different disciplines in engineering.  Principal Solan joined in the celebration. (posted 4-10-14)

SBAC Testing Ends with Mixed Reviews

by Julie Gagliardi, 2014 (posted 4-11-14)
From March 20 to April 2 the junior class took the new state standardized test, Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC). Full Article

Good Move or Bad Move  A look at NFL Free Agents
by Brendan Kennedy & James Sparks (posted 4-11-14) 
Eric Decker Goes to the New York Jets 
See the Debate
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April Vacation
Have a safe and happy spring break!

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Spring Break 4/13-4/20
PTSO Meeting

AP Exam Meeting
4/23  2:10.- Cafeteria

Spring Blood Drive

CHS Weekly
With Connor Baker 
(posted 3-10-14)

From the Editor-in-Chief How I've Come to Love the Things I Hate
By Skyler Sklenarik, 2015 (posted 4-8-14)
I’ve come to realize that there’s about a million and one things I love now that I used to despise when I was younger. Sitting on my couch the other day, eating broccoli for the first time in years (and to your amazement as much as mine, enjoying it), I suddenly realized the extent to which people can change in such little time. .  Full Article

From the Web Managing Editor My Love for Sleep by Marissa Cohen, 2015 (posted 4-8-14) There is nothing I love more than being cocooned in layers of blankets while curling up in my warm, comfortable bed. On the contrary, there is nothing more disturbing to me than the piercing sound of my alarm at six a.m. Full Article

Junior State of America To Make Its Debut Full Article

German Exchange Students Arrive at CHS Full Article

CHS Advanced Video  Produce Superbowl Spot
Fox 61 Reports  (posted 10-16-2013)

The Year of Decisions

Breaking Bad Breaks Barriers Full Article

The Giant Rainbow Balloon
Full Article

What Does the Fox Say?Full Article

CHS Alum Returns to Times Square Full Article

CHS Best Buddies Goes International

Work Hard, Play Hard
Full Article
What Club Are You? Full Article

Your Future Begins Today Full Article

Behind the Scenes: Hall Monitor Edition Full Article

The New “C” Rule Full Article

The Secrets to Making Your Monday’s Go Faster

2013-14 Student Officers

Ms. Sue Bavone Named Female 
Coach of the Year 
(posted 2-6-14)
The Connecticut Sports Writers' Alliance just named Ms. Sue Bavone as State Female Coach of the Year for her amazing work in volleyball.  Congratulations!

The SATS: An Unfair Assessment
By Roger Chen, 2017 (posted 1-22-14)

“I find the SAT invalid in measuring scholastic aptitude. Much of the score depends on testing conditions and test-taking skills. Many of the multiple-choice questions, for instance, are designed to trick the average test-taker into choosing the wrong answer,” says Aohan Dang, 2014. Full Article 

CHS Student Wins Scholastic Art and Writing Award
by James Sparks, 2015 & Brendan Kennedy, 2015 (posted 4-11-14)
Recently, Katharine Wu, 2016, won the gold medal for Scholastic Art and Writing Awards Alliance for young artists and writers on her story, “Tiger Maracas”. Full Article

April Male Athlete Spotlight

Liam Nicoll By Zach Racow (posted 4-11-14)
photo courtesy Cheshire Citizen
Liam Nicoll, 2014 is a scholar athlete who is academically gifted in sports and in the classroom. Full Article

March Female Athlete Spotlight
Megan Hodgdon By Mike Marotta (posted 4-11-14)
On the softball team, sophomore Megan Hodgdon, has impressed both her coach and captain enough to be named the starting varsity catcher. Full Article

Prom Exercise and Nutrition Plan
by Marissa Cohen, 2015 (posted 4-8-14) 
A healthy, and doable nutrition plan and workout calender to get you in your best shape for promFull Article 

Round of Applause for Aida 
by Aziza Alam, 2014 (posted 4-1-14)
Thorp Auditorium was bustling on March 27-29 for Cheshire High School’s performance of Aida. Perhaps one of the most dramatic and emotionally captivating musicals put on by our school to date, Aida was simply phenomenal. Full Article

CONGRATS To Erich Corcoran, 2015 for Winning the ESPN NCAA Rampage Bracket Follow the Group

Wake Up Your Weird! Adds New 
Twist To Be One Day
Leslie Carrara-Rudolph Presents to Students
by Multimedia News Production
  (posted 3-27-13)
Leslie Carrara-Rudolph, most well known for playing Abby Cadabby on Sesame Street, brought her show Wake Up Your Weird! to this year’s Be One Day. Her show promotes creativity, imagination, and individuality. This show also inspired this year’s Be One Day theme, Embrace Your Weird. Full Article

Super Food of the Month: Carrots

By Alyssa DeLaubell (posted 3-18-14)
As little kids, we have all probably heard our parents say, “Eat your carrots. They’re good for you!” more times than we could count back then. So, we’ve grown up knowing that carrots are good for us -  they are vegetables after all...but just how healthy are they? Full Article

RAMS Baseball Teams Looks to Have a Successful Season
by Rayan Vatti, 2017 (posted 3-19-14)
Spring is here and the Cheshire High School Varsity baseball season is ready to get under way. Last year, CHS finished 8-13 losing in the first round of the state tournament to Greenwich High School. This year, captain Dan Schock, 2014 hopes they will perform much better. Full Article

CHS Students Recognized in Design Contest Press Release (posted 3-14-14)
The Home Builders Association of Central CT recently held the 66th Annual Student Design Competition with 96 competitors from 14 Connecticut High Schools entering. Joe D'Errico, 2014 won the award for Honorable Mention and Joshua Blair, 2015 won the award for Architectural Excellence. Full Article

Will You Go To Prom With 



Shuang Guan, 2015 

(posted 3-2-14)  
Junior and Senior Prom are only a couple months away, and surprise promposals are starting to pop up in class. It might be intimidating to ask someone to prom, but here are some easy guidelines to follow whether your date is a friend or significant other. Full Article 

Oscar Recap  



Kelly Reid, 2014 

(posted 3-4-14)  
The 86th Annual Academy Awards that took place this past Sunday were a flurry of glamour, celebrities, and way-too-long acceptance speeches. Full Article 

America's Favorite Pasttime Is Back
by Mike Marotta, 2016 (posted 3-6-14)
With spring right around the corner that means two things, warm weather and baseball. America’s pastime and the sport many kid has played. Full Article

Facebook Buys WhatsApp   



Alyssa Addesso,



(posted 3-2-14)  



On February 19, Facebook bought Whatsapp, a 99 cent messaging application for smartphones, for 19 billion dollars.  Full Article 

Coaches Corner Featuring Basketball Coach, Dan Lee
by Jackson Ajello, 2015 (posted 3-3-14) Full Article

Job Shadow Program Continues Its Success (posted 2/20/14) by Brendan Kennedy, 2015 & James Sparks, 2015
On February 2, 2014, the CHS job shadow program began placing students. Over 250 students participated in the program in hopes to learn what career paths they could go on to choose in their futures. Full Article

From Cheshire to Chicago:

Pasqualoni Moves On

by Matt Davies, 2017 (posted 2-20-14)

Paul Pasqualoni, former UCONN Football Head Coach, and a Cheshire High School Alumni, is now the Chicago Bears Defensive Line Coach. Full Article

Local Music Spotlight: The Guru

by Julie Gagliardi, 2014 (posted 2-22-14)
While there is a lot of new music emerging from Connecticut, The Guru has been hot in the state for the past four years. Hailing from Waterbury, The Guru are a disco rock band who have cranking out great tunes since 2010. Full Article

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Balance Your Time with School and Sports

CHS Senior Recruited by Sacred Heart University
by Ali Lamberti, 2014 (posted 1-13-14)

Most high school seniors applying to college say they have experienced the agony of hoping to be chosen by the college of their choice. However, for Selina Sampieri, a Cheshire High School senior, she had the experience of choosing between two colleges that wanted her. Full Article

Everyone Has a Story: Collin Salatto, 2016
by Mike Marotta, 2016 (posted 1-1-14)
Collin Salatto, 2016, is a student who is faced with a couple more challenges than the average high school teen.  Full Article