Fighting Off Sickness in Winter
by Jessica Tan, 2018 (posted 1-21-17)

In January 2016, 11% of Americans caught the common cold and 3.9% caught the flu. Although it has been shown that cold weather and chances of getting sick have no correlation, winter still tends to increase the percentages of people with the cold or flu. According to a Dr. John Watson, a medical epidemiologist with the US CDC, may suggest that people’s behavior during the winter—such as congregating indoors in smaller spaces—may be the true cause. Whatever the cause may be, it is important to find ways to stay as healthy as possible this winter. Read More

Harmful Chemicals in Everyday Products
by Alyssa Addesso, 2016 (posted 5-7-16)
While walking around your house, you might never expect to find some of the harmful chemicals that are cleverly disguised in common household products. Chemicals like BPA, lead, and mercury, can all have serious consequences on the body that can easily be avoided by following precautionary measures. Here is a list of 10 chemicals you should try to avoid. Read More

Zika Epidemic
by Alyssa Addesso, 2016 (posted 3-15-16)
The second case of the Zika Virus, which first originated in Uganda in 1947, was recently found in the United States. In the past few months, this virus has become an epidemic for many Latin American and Caribbean countries. Full Article

Letter from The Editor

Just Can’t Let Go by Katharine Wu, 2016 (posted 4-2-15) I’ve realized that there are some things in life that I just do not want to let go of. Certain movies, books, and stuffed animals of my childhood – the tangible things that I cannot say goodbye to. Full Article

Not So Crazy Addictions
by Isabel Cuddy, 2017 (posted 4-3-2015)

Let’s face it - at least half of the people in America (and some other countries) are “addicted” to Netflix, TV, cell phones… the choices are endless. Of course, there are many reasons why one might become addicted to television, but are these reasons necessarily excuses? Full Article

Superfoods of the Holiday Season
by Alyssa Addesso, 2016 (posted 12- 17-14)
Although the holiday season comes with a slew of festival treats - warm, homemade pumpkin pie and spicy fresh-out-of-the-oven gingerbread, just to name a few - that does not mean the healthier options have to be put aside. This holiday season, try balancing the right amount of sugary delights with these five holiday superfoods! Full Article

How to Make New Years Resolutions That Last
by Alyssa DeLaubell, 2015 (posted 12-17-14)
In the grand scheme of creating New Years Resolutions, there is one resolution that has remained practically ubiquitous. No, it is not to become rich overnight - it is to change one’s way of living. Many properly yearn to start a new year off by being healthier, eating better, and exercising more. However, in reality, few people end up sticking with this goal. Full Article

Need Sleep? The Sleep Patterns of Teensby Jessica Li, 2016 (posted 12-17-14)
In the sleep-deprived world teenagers live in, most get woken up for school by an annoying alarm clock or are prodded awake by parents. Unless we’re one of the exceptions called morning people, we groggily go through our morning 
routines and somehow make it to school. Full Article

Recipe of the Month: Banana-Blueberry Muffins

by Katharine Wu, 2016 (posted 4-3-2015) 

What better way to get a kick-start than with some delicious, fruit filled muffins made the night before? Muffins are a great choice for breakfast or even a quick and light afternoon snack. Recipe Here

The Science Behind Taste 

by Alyssa Addesso, 2016 (posted 4-3-2015) 

For every food or drink available in this world, there will always be people who cannot live without it, and people who would gladly see it disappear forever. So why is this? How can one person love the taste of coffee while another hates it? How can some people savor the flavor of brussel sprout yet others detest it? Full Article

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