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Robotics Club

The field of  2010's game, Breakaway

Team 999 CRASH

(Cheshire Robotics and Sikorsky Helicopters)

by Dalton Basset, 2012 (posted 1/21/11)

So what is it exactly?
The FIRST Robotics competition is hailed as “a varsity sport for the mind.” Teams from around the world are given six weeks, starting in the beginning of January, to design, build, and compete with their robot.

Psh, robotics is for nerds, why should I join?
This is the perfect club for anyone who is interested in going into a technological field (engineering, computer sciences, etc.) The club helps students to gain vast knowledge of mechanical engineering, computer programming, 3-dimensional thinking, and how to use all sorts of tools and software. It helps students learn to take responsibility and leadership roles, and is overall a helpful and useful club. Not to mention that you make a ton of friends along the way.

I’m still not convinced, do you have any more reasons?
Because it’s AWESOME! CRASH 999 competes in the statewide competition in Hartford every year, and has even traveled to Atlanta to compete nationally, where we met teams from countries as far away as Brazil and Israel! This year, CRASH is on the waiting list to go to nationals in St. Louis. The competitions resemble sporting events, with mascots, flags, team chants, and more.

What exactly is the robot supposed to do?
There’s a new challenge every year. This year the challenge is called Logo Motion, and involves lifting inner tubes and placing them on a scoring rack. This means robots need either an arm to place to tubes, a device to launch them...the possibilities are endless. The robots also need to deploy a mini-bot that can race to the top of a 12-foot pole in the last ten seconds of the match.

If you’re interested in any technological fields, (which is, let’s face it, most fields today) FIRST robotics is a great way to gain some experience. Plus it offers lots of scholarships and looks good on a college resume!

Not to mention is a supporter of FIRST, and said that the new game “iz dope.”

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