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UMA Club
CHS United Martial Arts Kicks Off 
By Hudson Lee (posted 10-30-12)

During the school day, Mr. Greg Chlodnicki is a Comparative Cultures and Civics teacher. But on Tuesdays from 2:50 to 3:50, he becomes a martial arts instructor. He can be heard counting in Japanese or Korean in the East Gym as his students drill jabs, blocks, roundhouse kicks, and a variety of other techniques.

Founded this year, CHS United Martial Arts aims to provide both novice and experienced martial artists with the opportunity to explore the skills and principles of a wide array of martial arts.

Clad in either Taekwondo or Kung Fu uniform, or in gym shorts and t-shirts, members of UMA participate in a weekly session in which they and their instructor train and share both tenets and techniques from their respective martial arts.

Of course, students without experience in martial arts are still welcome to attend and train, and UMA does not require a formal membership. Thus, all are welcome to attend whenever they wish and as their athletic and extracurricular schedules allow.

The essence of martial arts is more than shouting “hiya!” when striking objects, or taking on curious stances when fighting, or wearing black belts. In fact, although martial arts does teach a person effective methods of harming or defeating an opponent in combat, its purpose goes beyond even fighting.

“Like dancing or singing or playing an instrument, martial arts is ultimately honest self-expression,” says Chlodnicki.

One can increase their athletic ability by becoming stronger, more flexible and more agile through training. However, a person can also improve their mental and emotional state through martial arts. Martial arts nurtures ones discipline, self-esteem and self-control, which is also what UMA strives to do for students.

“UMA can help students build self-confidence, get in shape, and have fun,” says Chlodnicki.

Additionally, UMA is effective as a stress reliever; kicking pads are great for venting anger!

“[After a UMA session] I feel exhausted but worked out. [Mr. Chlodnicki] teaches many things from different martial arts,” says Juhwan Shin, 2015, a black belt in Taekwondo and a member of UMA.

Come train with CHS UMA on Tuesdays, 2:50 to 3:50, in the East Gym, and improve your mind and body!