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2019, February, Procrastination, Bhardwaj

I Would Give this a Title, But I Procrastinated Writing the Article
by Sanvi Bhardwaj, 2020 (posted 2-18-19)  

The art of procrastination is something almost all high school students have mastered. The act of delaying something until the very last moment until it’s due is second nature to Arlo Hatcher (2020), Wade Fowler (2020), and Asher Fritz (2020). These juniors have figured out a way to somehow maintain decent grades while doing the bare minimum. 

Wade starts his homework the earliest, normally around 5; Arlo lives on the edge and normally does his work “the period before it’s due.” Asher tends to do his homework at “11 PM-ish or in school the day it’s due.” While procrastinating, Wade tends to do “anything really,” with his activities varying from Netflix to ping pong. However, while avoiding doing work, both Wade and Arlo feel stressed (though they ignore it). Asher has an interesting perspective, saying “There are more important things in life than homework.” In today’s competitive atmosphere, everyone is gearing up for college admissions and lose touch with the things which matter most to them in light of other commitments.

Some students even go so far to procrastinate doing work with other work. For example, putting off a physics lab by doing math homework or ignoring an essay for a Spanish assignment. While Wade has done this, but “only if I really don’t want to do an assignment,” neither Arlo nor Asher have done this. Said Asher, “Normally when I procrastinate I completely focus on relaxing and avoiding thinking of homework at all.” However, this habit has led to lost sleep and grogginess throughout the day. Despite these effects, Arlo has “never been anywhere near successful” in stopping this routine. He claims, “I usually do my work pretty efficiently for the first 2 weeks of school and then it’s a giant slump after that,” while adding, “I should probably start the chem homework that was due last week.”