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Nadia DiNatale's Fight for Equality
by Grace Azaula, 2020 (posted 12-27-18)

Within the past 100 years, we have made incredible strides in regards to women’s rights. In the 1920’s, we saw women gain the right to vote. In the 1940’s, we saw women begin to enter the workforce in a higher capacity. And within the last couple of years, we’ve seen women fighting back against sexual assault and rape culture with the #metoo movement. And yet, there is still unfair treatment towards women within our very own Cheshire High School community. Nadia DiNatale, a junior here at Cheshire High School, has recently chosen to focus on this hostility for her civics engagement project. Being a part of the girl’s hockey team at CHS, she has personally encountered the double standards towards girls and boys, constantly having to deal with the fact that the girl’s hockey program is not funded, while the boy’s hockey team is.

Once Nadia became aware of the unfair delegation of funding, Nadia decided to look farther into the problem, and as a result, came up with some unsettling facts. During her research she learned that for every dollar spent on a boys sports team, there is only 70 cents spent on a girls team, and while this may not seem like much, it definitely adds up. However, not every girls team gets even that! The girls hockey team, which Nadia is a part of, is completely on there own when it comes to their budget, resulting in a total of $1,800 needed to play girls ice hockey, in comparison to the $325 needed to play boys ice hockey.

These facts are outrageous, but not only that, they are illegal. According to your Title 9 Rights, which say that there should be absolutely no discrimination within the education system because of a student’s sex, the unevenly distributed funds are a bigger problem than most realize. Nadia DiNatale has been using this law to back up her claims, and has become dedicated to informing her peers about what their rights are as students.

“Most of my teammates have been playing ice hockey for almost 10 years. When you’ve been playing a sport that long, it becomes a huge part of your life. To get to high school and be in an environment where they give nothing to girls ice hockey and numerous benefits to boys ice hockey is startling. All my life I have been taught through Cheshire Public Schools that women are equal to men, but with the lack of funding towards girls ice hockey, I am finding that my own school thinks that there is a difference between when a girl steps onto the ice and when a boy steps onto the ice”. This empowering statement Nadia DiNatale gave the rampage is both infuriating, and inspiring. If you too believe that the unequal distribution of funds towards girls and boys sports is a problem, make sure to contact Nadia DiNatale, sign her petition, and make the change that our school deserves.