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“Finding Your Place in The Herd” at Cheshire High School’s Club Fair
By Grace Azaula, 2020 (posted 10-22-18)

    For many high school students, school can seem like a place one goes to for the sole purpose of learning. It’s where you practice math problems, read classics, and complete chemistry labs. However, this past month, many students were pleasantly surprised to learn that Cheshire High School is so much more than just the classes it has to offer. On Monday, October 1st, the annual CHS club fair was hosted in the east gym during all three lunch waves. This fair is held every year as a way to introduce students to clubs and activities, in hopes that every student will find the thing that makes high school more fun for them. 
    From politics, to sports, the arts, and almost everything in between, the club fair had a place for people with varying interests. The Young Democrats and the Young Republicans were both there, urging those with strong feelings on today’s political climate to join their clubs and voice their opinions more often. The fencing club was also there, recruiting those who want more physical activity and fun in their lives. Unified theater was there as well, spreading word about their own inclusive, theatrical program. The Rampage had a table and recruited new writers and photographers for this year’s paper.
    The club fair was an amazing way to discover new opportunities at CHS. It featured so many of the school’s fantastic clubs, and allowed many the chance to discover just how much CHS has to offer. If you’re interested in joining any of the clubs that had booths at the club fair (or even those who didn’t), there’s still a way to join! Click here to access more information on all of the amazing opportunities CHS has to offer, and “find your place in the herd!”