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Everything you Should Know About CITs 
by Shreya Dhume, 2019 (posted 3-31-16)

Every summer, the Cheshire Parks and Recreation hosts a selection of summer camps for young children in various locations around Cheshire. A couple of these locations include Highland Elementary School and Mixville Park. Furthermore, camp counselors need a helper when looking after so many little kids: this is when the role of CITs comes into play. CITs, or counselors in training, are volunteers entering 9th, 10th, or 11th grade who are looking for a fun way to gain positive attributes while fulfilling community service requirements. They help counselors to oversee campers, set up games and activities, and gain insight on the job of a camp counselor.

Interested CITs must be willing to follow all rules listed on the application and thoroughly complete the application packet by its deadline. The procedure that first-year CITs undergo is to hand in the application by the designated deadline, wait to hear back from Mrs. Elizabeth Mayne about an interview date and time by April, be notified of acceptance by June, and come to camp on your given day and time. The same goes for those volunteering as a CIT for the second year, but if you are not being re-interviewed, you will be given further instruction in April. The 2016 CIT application was due on March 17th, but if you missed the deadline and are interested, feel free to volunteer next year. All in all, being a CIT offers many personal benefits as well as an opportunity to give back to the community. Counselors in training acquire leadership, communication, patience, responsibility, and many other essential skills. Sign up next year!

Click here for the 2016 application (do not complete the application as the deadline has passed):