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2016, April, Student Life, Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Figueiredo, Stanton

Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Figueiredo 
by Jack Stanton, 2018 (posted 4-11-16)
Image Courtesy: CHS Website
If you are wandering the upstairs math hallway, you may pass by room 213, the home of Cheshire High School’s newest math teacher Ms. Figueiredo. This is her first year at CHS, and in an exclusive interview, she expressed her excitement for the Cheshire High School community and for her future here at the school.

Prior to coming to Cheshire, she taught at Naugatuck High School for 4 years and at Woodland High School for 3 additional years. Currently, she teaches both algebra 1 and 2 as well as geometry. She said that she loves to teach all of them and that they are some of her favorite math courses, but she does aspire to teach Pre-Calculus in the following years.

When asked about what she loves about math, she responded by saying that she loves how concrete it is and how all the concepts come together. Instead of trying to explain your answers or not having a definite answer, she said how math is like a puzzle and how it comes together. Her favorite thing about teaching math is seeing the growth in the students. She loves to see where the students start and where they end, with all of the new concepts and ideas they have picked up.

To finish off the interview, she gave a piece of advice to students and said, “Do your homework.” As long as you do your homework and pay attention in class, she said that math at CHS will be a very enjoyable class.