CHS Senior Gets Into Harvard
by Matt Davies, 2017 (posted 12-18-15)

Cheshire High School senior  Shangda Xu was recently accepted to Harvard University.

According to Xu, It felt surreal. 

“ I was so excited when I checked my portal and saw the letter of acceptance. I’m actually still very overwhelmed at this point; it’s so hard to believe that this is happening and isn’t just a dream.”

Among the many advanced placement classes Xu is currently taking, AP Physics teacher, Ms. Julie Barker is happy for Xu.

“I think Harvard made a good decision. Not only is he an excellent student in the classroom but with helping other students as well.” said  Barker.

Shangda Xu (right) pictured
with AP Physics teacher,
Ms. Julie Barker
What are you going to study at Harvard?
Difficult question! There are so many different concentrations, but right now, I’m thinking about public health and political science. I might do both actually!

Did you always want to go to Harvard? Is there another school you wish you could get into?
I haven’t always wanted to go to Harvard, but I really “fell in love” with it when I visited two years ago. It felt like such a great environment and a good fit for me.

Another school I wish I could get into would probably be Stanford. Stanford has such a different environment (both intellectually and physically), but I really like it too!

Do you have any advice for anybody who is thinking of applying to Harvard for next year?
I would say that they should try to keep their grades high, but more importantly they should be very passionate about their interest.

What are you looking forward to in college?
This question is hard, haha. I would say I’m looking for the more free schedule, as well as the perks of dorm life.