Student Life

Students Take 5 APs: What Happens Next Will Shock You!
by Sanvi Bhardwaj, 2020 (posted 2-18-19)
We’ve all been there. The 2 AM struggle, barely awake but still doing homework, working on a project, or studying for a test. And this happens more often than we’d like. Here’s a firsthand look at some of the brightest, yet most sleep-deprived students at Cheshire High School. Read More

I Would Give this a Title, But I Procrastinated Writing the Article
by Sanvi Bhardwaj, 2020 (posted 2-18-19)
The art of procrastination is something almost all high school students have mastered. The act of delaying something until the very last moment until it’s due is second nature to Arlo Hatcher (2020), Wade Fowler (2020), and Asher Fritz (2020). These juniors have figured out a way to somehow maintain decent grades while doing the bare minimum. Read More

Nadia DiNatale's Fight for Equality
by Grace Azaula, 2020 (posted 12-27-18)
Within the past century, there have been incredible achievements regarding women's rights and gaining equality for all. However, there is still unfair treatment towards women within our very own Cheshire High School community. Nadia DiNatale, a junior here at Cheshire High School, has recently chosen to focus on this hostility for her civics engagement project. Being a part of the girl’s hockey team at CHS, she has personally encountered the double standards towards girls and boys, constantly having to deal with the fact that the girl’s hockey program is not funded, while the boy’s hockey team is. Read more

“Finding Your Place in The Herd” at Cheshire High School’s Club Fair
by Grace Azaula, 2020 (posted 10-22-18) 
For many high school students, school can seem like a place one goes to for the sole purpose of learning...However, this past month, many students were pleasantly surprised to learn that Cheshire High School is so much more than just the classes it has to offer. On Monday, October 1st, the annual CHS club fair was hosted in the east gym during all three lunch waves. This fair is held every year as a way to introduce students to clubs and activities, in hopes that every student will find the thing that makes high school more fun for them. Read More

CHS Summer Reading Program
by Manavi Jain, 2018 (posted 6-15-18)
Hey guys, it is almost summer! And you know exactly what that means... the all new 2018 reading summer list is out! Sign up for the 2018-19 summer reading program due by the last day of school, June 21st by going to :    Read more

B1 Day 2018
by Grace Azaula, 2020 (posted 6-14-18
On a normal day of school, students stay inside their classrooms, doing school work, studying, and learning about important subjects like math, english, history, and science. However, there are some very important lessons that one may not learn from this traditional classroom. Read More

Discovery STEM Expo Fair
by Manavi Jain, 2018 (posted 3-19-18)

On Saturday, March 17 2018, the Discovery STEM Expo Fair took place at Cheshire High School. It was an event for all grade levels—elementary, middle and high school. Some created a product of their own, while other “works of art” were done in teams. Read More


by Annie Wang, 2018 (posted 2-22-18)

On Thursday February 8th, 24 Cheshire High School students attended the annual Johns Hopkins Model United Nations Conference in Baltimore, Maryland. The conference was held at the Hilton Hotel and was attended by students from various states and countries. Read More

Important updates on Senior Prom 

by Manavi Jain, 2018 (posted 2-21-28)

Hey seniors! Time flies in highschool in highschool especially senior year when we are all busy applying for colleges and scholarships. However, we must not the forget the fun things like prom! 
Prom seems like 3 months but it’s really just around the corner. This year, senior prom, will be held at the Aqua Turf located in Plantsville Connecticut on Saturday May 12th. The theme of this year’s starry night. Read More

CHS Club Fair: An Opportunity for Many

by Abby Dziura (posted 10-5-17)

On Monday October 2nd, you would have been hard pressed to find an empty corner of the east gym. That's because it held the annual CHS Club Fair, which helps promote the various clubs around school. Full Article

A Message From the Editor

Back to School Tips

by Abigail Dziura, 2020 (posted 9-8-17)

It’s back to school time! Week one as already been completed, and so far, I find myself enjoying the routine.
After my freshman year, I have definitely learned a few things that are definitely helping me so far. Full Editorial

Careers in Sports Medicine and Nutrition
by Manavi Jain, 2018 (posted 1-29-17)
On January 28, 2017 students from different regions of CT including Cheshire High School attended the Code One CPR training through the Careers in Sports Medicine and Nutrition (CSMN) program. Code One training is a by product of the American Heart Association, where CPR, AED and other life support courses are available for samaritans. Full Article

CHS Teachers Become Warriors
by Kyle Leff, 2018 (posted 10-27-15)
Who doesn’t want to be a warrior? Eleven CHS teachers were bestowed this title after competing in the Warrior Dash, October 3rd in Madison, CT. Full Article

Cheshire High School Senior Accepted into All-National Choir

by Annie Wang, 2018 (posted 9-20-17) 

Cheshire High School senior Sophia Cheng has been selected as one of the top 350 high school singers in the nation for the 2017-18 National Association for Music Education Mixed Choir. Full Article

Fall Festival Fun

by Manavi Jain, 2018 (posted 9-19-17)
On Saturday September 16, 2017, many local businesses and organizations came together for a community gathering at the Cheshire Community Fall Festival. It’s a wonderful event that takes place every fall, at Bartlem Park. It is a great opportunity for various businesses, high school clubs, families and friends to come together for a big get together. Read More

MechaRAMS preparing for this years game, Power Up

by Shivani Padhi, 2018 (posted 2-20-18)

On January 6th, 2018, MechaRAMS, the Cheshire High School’s robotics team and other teams from different schools congregated for kickoff of the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC). The kickoff unveils the game of the year through a live stream and reveals the game’s rules and regulations. Read More