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Prospective on Ithaca College
by Don Therkildsen, 2018 (posted 2-22-18)

Almost five hours away from Cheshire, a bit ways south of Syracuse in upper New York, resides a notorious school: Ithaca College (in Ithaca, New York). This college is notorious for its arts programs, including those of writing and the performance arts. It is renowned for its theater program, and it devotes several different buildings to different fields, like the Dillingham Center, devoted to the production of multiple shows a year, or Park Hall which educates students majoring in communications, so future filmmakers and the like attending Ithaca find much of their time spent here. Full Article 

Register for AP exam

by Shivani Padhi, 2018 (posted 2-21-18)

Register for the AP Registration for the AP exams are now available from January 25th until February 23rd. Students and parents can sign up through the myschoolbucks website: . Read More

Register for the AP Exams!
by Shivani Padhi, 2018 (posted 1-30-17)  

Registration for the AP exams are now available from January 25th until February 23rd. Students and parents can sign up through the myschoolbucks website: 
As a reminder, the Registration Information video can be found HERE
                                                                                          Full article
Get your Practice ACT Score Back
by Shivani Padhi, 2018 (posted 1-26-17)
Congratulations on taking you practice ACT! Get your scores and a personalized report on your strengths and weaknesses on Thursday February 9th from 7 PM to 8:15 PM at CHS. Full Article
Here is your Chance to take a full Practice ACT at CHS: Sign up Now!
by Shivani Padhi, 2018 (posted 1-8-17)
Attention all 10th and 11th graders, Cheshire High School’s PTO group has planned to enact a practice ACT test to take place at CHS Cafe on January 21st, 2017. Full Article
Keep Moving Forward in Life
by Kyle Leff, 2018 (posted 10-25-16)                                          
On September 12th and October 6th, Cheshire High School (CHS) hosted a College Fair from 6pm to 8pm.

Over 75 colleges attended this fair to showcase their college and to answer any questions asked by prospective students from CHS and other students from the vicinity.

Each college had a pamphlet or booklet about the college that students and parents were able to take and look at for general information on the college; in addition, students were also encouraged to fill out forms to get emails and optional information sessions from the college they showed most interest in. Read More

A look into University of Vermont (UVM)

by Shivani Padhi, 2018 (posted 10-23-16)

On October 4th, 2016, representative from the University of Vermont (UVM), Connor Loung visited Cheshire High School's career center. Luong talked about the various attributes of the University of Vermont like the majors and sports this university has to offer its students. University of Vermont, founded in 1791, is located in Burlington, Vermont and is ranked 7th among the 50 US public universities. Read More

by Shivani Padhi, 2018 (posted 10-18-16)
Cheshire High School will be administering the official College Board PSAT on October 19, 2016. PSAT stands for Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test which prepares student for the SAT. In addition to preparing students, PSAT also chooses high scores for the National Merit Scholarships. Read More
Private vs. Public Schooling
by Shivani Padhi (posted 4-12-16)
I. Funding
As the college decision making time is approaching, many students start to wonder the difference between private colleges and public colleges. The  major difference between these two colleges is their funding. The funding is also a major difference between public and private universities. While public universities receive funds from the state government, private schools obtain their money from donations and private contribution. Private schools rely on tuition prices, which are usually higher and more costly. Read More

Sign up for the NEW SAT

by Shivani Padhi, 2018 (posted 2-4-16)

The new SAT is taking place this upcoming March 2016. Keep track of your path and sign up early to take the new SAT and rock it! Posted below is the newest and the most updated version of the upcoming test dates and directions for scheduling! Make sure to plan carefully! Read Full Article

A closer look at Lincoln College of New England

by Shivani Padhi, 2018 (posted 2-4-16)
Cheshire High School has conferenced with several colleges in the past month. This week's college spotlight is devoted to Lincoln College located in Southington, CT. Cheshire High School talked to Susan Woods, who is an admission representative, and collected many knowledgeable answers to some questions. With all the collected data, it can be concluded that Lincoln College is an excellent for our students because of its amiable campus and great opportunities for scholars! Full Article


by Shivani Padhi, 2018 (Posted 10-6-15)

Cheshire High school is hosting the PSAT for all Sophomores and Juniors on the 14th of October. This will be a C day, but only periods 7 and 8 will meet. Read More

SAT Heading your way?

by Shivani Padhi, 2018 (posted 9-28-15)

Getting tense about the SAT? Do not worry at all; we will prepare you well and help you rock the SAT exams. To start off, here are the test dates from October 2015 all the way through to June 2016. Read More

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A Look at Yale University

by: Shivani Padhi, 2018 (posted 10-26-15)

College Spotlight of the Week (10/19): Yale            

Yale is a university with diversity embedded within itself. Yale is like a microcosm, where students and researchers come from 82 countries all over the world to learn and achieve higher education! This week’s college spotlight is dedicated to Yale University! Read More

The New SATs

by Virginia Shugrue, 2017 (posted 10-9-15)

On Thursday, October 8 Akil Bello, a representative from the Princeton Review, came to Cheshire High School to inform parents and students on the redesigned SAT. Full Article