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2018, November, Arts and Review, Suite Surrender, Azaula

Suite Surrender
by Grace Azaula, 2020 (posted 11-14-18)

Do you ever find yourself sitting alone, bored out of your mind on a Friday night? Are you sick of watching the same shows on Netflix that you watch every day? Could you use a good laugh to rid the stress of the first few months of school? If so, there’s an easy fix... coming to see the fall show! This year, Cheshire High School’s Drama department is starting off their season with a bang, performing the comedy Suite Surrender on this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. 
The show is a straight play set in the 1940’s that revolves around the conflict between two famous stars, Athena Sinclair (Claire Lasher) and Claudia McFadden (Elizabeth Feest). In the show, the two are attending a war benefit at the Palm Beach Royale. The hotel is already extremely chaotic before the divas get there, but when the feuding stars arrive at the same time, in the same suite, a whole new level of mayhem is reached. It is up to the general manager of the hotel, Mr. Dunlap  (Chris Baker), and all of the staff members (Matt Long, Sam Vetto, Julianna Distante, and Logan Wolff), to keep the two from seeing one another, whilst also having to deal with reporters (Grace Azaula), ditzy old women (Maple Carocci), and the United States Military. The mayhem and confusion in this play makes for a doubling-over-laughing kind of humor that will be sure to make anybody’s day.

The cast crew, and many others have been working extremely hard these past couple of months in order to make the production as funny and entertaining as possible, but there is still one group of people missing... the audience! Make sure to come see the fall show in the school auditorium on November 15th, 16th, and 17th at 7:30 for a good time (tickets will be sold at the door).