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2017, January, Arts and Review, Singin' in the Rain: A Classic Movie Turned Musical at CHS, Dziura

A Classical Movie Turned Musical at CHS

By Abby Dziura (Posted 2-13-17)

This year, on March 23rd, 24th, and 25th, CHS Drama Club will be putting on a performance of the classic movie-musical Singin’ in the Rain. It will be directed by English teacher Ms. Demeo. This year’s show is a hilarious re-imagining of the 1952 hit.

The plot follows Don Lockwood, a Hollywood star in the era of silent, black-and-white films, along with his best friend, Cosmo Brown (who mostly mans the piano). His co-star, Lina Lamont, is annoying and dumb with her high-pitched voice, but can still act.. She is attached to Don and believes they are a couple, even though Don has no interest in her and is in fact infatuated with the rookie actress Kathy Selden. Jealous, Lina has her fired while their movie studio begins to make the transition to a new type of film: those with sound (called talkies at the time). Lockwood fears for his career as audiences find Lina’s shrill voice laughable, until he decides to have the studio dub over her voice with Kathy’s. Shenanigans then ensue.

Starring Thomas Mueller as Don Lockwood, Joe Berardi as Cosmo Brown, Elizabeth Feest as Kathy Seleden, and Katie Ardesia as Lina Lamont, as well as dozens of other characters and ensemble members. The performance is filled with many talented actors and actresses from the CHS drama department.

Make sure to check out the show later in March to support the cast and crew, and also join them for some great laughs and a wonderful production filled with many surprises!