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2016, November, Arts and Review, Senior Spotlight, Kaur

Senior Spotlight- Katie Sparks

by Simran Kaur, 2018

For the people who don’t know, CHS Drama Club is putting up, Radium Girls, a play about factory workers who get radium poisoning.

Katie Sparks, 2017, is a senior who has been a part of CHS Drama throughout her whole high school experience. Last year she played Verges in the play, Much Ado About Nothing, the Bird Women in the musical, Mary Poppins, and as of this years play, will be playing the role Kathryn Schaub.

Besides being involved in the theater department, Sparks also partakes in other school clubs, such as the blood drive and one acts. Sparks is a figure who can talk to just about everyone. She plans on pursuing a major in theater when she gets to college.

What do you like about this year’s play?

I like that it’s based on a true story and that we are able to represent these women who went through these traumatic experiences and also get to let their voices be heard.

Do you have anything in common with your character?

What I think I have the most in common with my character is the fact that she likes to gossip. And I love to gossip. Plus she is very outgoing and likes to talk to people and I think that speaks to me because I’m always talking to people and wanting to know what’s going on.

What will miss about being in the play?

I will definitely miss being around my favorite group of people everyday and doing what I love for hours on end. CHS Drama has opened a door for me like no other. It gives me so much happiness and joy.

What is one thing that theater has taught you and how will it help in college?

Theater has taught me, CHS Drama in particular, that I can love what I do, and not everyone has to accept that, like I can do theater for the rest of my life and if someone tells me I can’t do it, I will prove them wrong because anything can happen if you let it. And I actually plan on majoring in theater, so everything I’ve learned in CHS Drama will help me prepare for college and I plan on using that knowledge.

What made you get into theater?

In fourth grade, my friends Nicole Leigh and Katie Ardesia, saw this thing in the newspaper for Cheshire Youth Theater who had auditions. So they both said that we should do this and I was like sure! I like to sing, why not? At the time singing was screaming because I didn’t know how to sing at the time. But when I auditioned, my director really, really liked me and gave me a featured part every year I did it. That made me really get into it, so I started taking acting and singing lessons, and I auditioned for as many shows as I can and here I am!

What is your dream part?

Either Heather Chandler from Heathers or Patrice from 13.