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Paying Respect to the SATs
by Emily Peck, 2016 (posted 4-2-15)
SAT. Those three letters used to mean nothing to me - just a far off, distant test that (in my childish and naive mind) I’d never have to take. Oh, how times have changed. Full Article

The Bard Returns to Cheshire High School!
by Esha Bhandari, 2016 (posted 9-30-15)

Mad About Madden NFL Mobile
by Nathaniel Montoya, 2018 (posted 1-25-15)

Stuck inside or bored out of your mind? If you love playing on your smart phones then you will love this months app, which is Madden Mobile. Full Article

Spotlight on Sweetpea
by Jill Howard, 2015 (posted on 12-12-14)
It is a common complaint among Cheshire residents that there is little variety in food choices around town. Too much Italian. Too many coffee shops. Not enough selection. Luckily, Sweetpea has just the cure for your cuisine blues. Full Article

Should the Walking Dead Still be Considered America's Best?
by Maya Wylie, 2016 (posted 12-12-14)
Is The Walking Dead (TWD) still one of America's greatest TV shows? Or should it step down and make way for other big name tv shows such as American Horror Story? Full Article

Quentin Tarantino: The Craziest Man in the Movie Industry
by Kaylee Scinto, 2016 (posted 12-12-14)
“They’re just a bit much” and “I feel like there is a lot of violence” are common comments about any Quentin Tarantino movie. The two-time Oscar winner has developed a trademark in the film industry of taking everything a step too far. One would think that this would be an issue, but for director Tarantino, it has become a style, a form. Full Article

 Fury Movie Review

by Ben Palmieri, 2016 (posted 12-12-14)
Brad Pitt is a very hard man to place. Whether he’s fighting zombies, managing a baseball team, or fighting Megamind (yes he was in that movie), it’s hard to predict where he will be next. Full Article

A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah
by Anarghya Murthy, 2017 (posted 12-10-14)
A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah is a memoir about a boy who was forced to become a soldier in order to survive. It is a modern book talking about how a boy’s life changes after a war breaks out in Sierra Leone, Africa. Full Article