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Bucket List Broadway: An Opportunity for Everybody to Shine

by Grace Azaula, 2019 (poster 1-16-19)

It is no surprise that Cheshire High School’s theater department is full of talent. Whether you come see the musicals, fall plays, one acts shows, or all of the above, you are sure to be blown away by the ensemble’s singing, dancing, acting, and enthusiasm. However, it is not everyday that you get to see these performers individual talents. Although group dances, songs, and scenes are tons of fun, there is nothing like getting a chance to show off what you’ve got, and on February 9th, these performers will get an opportunity to do just that. On that night young performers from the CHS theater department will get their chance to shine at this year’s Bucket List Broadway, hosted at the Waverly Inn.

This show will be a cabaret of sorts, where students will sing solos and duets, all of which correspond to this year’s theme: Broadway, with love. This theme seems quite fitting, as Valentine’s day is just around the corner. Songs will be sung about all different types of love, from romantic love, to friendship, to love amongst family members. The performers have put lots of time and effort into choosing and practicing songs that not only highlight their voices, but that tell a beautiful love story.

However, the singers are not the only ones preparing for this event. The theme, location, and decorations have all required lots of planning, and Ms. Demeo and CHS student Julianna Distante have been hard at work making sure that everything goes off without a hitch. But to them, it is 100% worth it. Julianna Distante says that “It is a really fun cabaret event that gives everyone a chance to showcase their talents. It’s just a really fun night out!” She is so excited for the event that the preparation barely feels like work. Some of the stress is also being lift off of their shoulders due to the drama parents contributions of baskets that will be sold in a raffle.

The students, faculty, and parents have been working diligently to make Bucket List the best it can be. But all of this hard work will be worth nothing if there is no audience to see the ending result. So come see the show! There will be light appetizers, an open bar for adults, raffle prizes, and, of course, incredible performances by CHS’s very own students, all for a small fee of just $20. What could possibly be better than that?!?