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The Royal Wedding
by Manavi Jain, 2018 (posted 5-21-18)

Image Courtesy: Google Images

On May 19, 2018 the royal wedding took place between Prince Harry and Princess Meghan Markle. They were married at St. George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle, in the United Kingdom. This was a grand wedding and was one of the most special moments for the both of them. This marriage is filled with love, respect and honor.

This marriage is very unique and special especially for princess Markle. She has given up her personal life, which includes her daily life schedule of being an actress and many more things in order to be wedded to the one and only Prince Harry. By doing so, she has also vowed to follow and respect all rules and regulations that come along with being the duchess of Sussex. It might be a little difficult in the beginning for her to adapt to this new lifestyle, but this will indeed be a first for her and done for the best.