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CHS Summer Reading Program
by Manavi Jain, 2018 (poster 6-15-18)

Hey guys, it is almost summer! And you know exactly what that means... the all new 2018 reading summer list is out! Sign up for the 2018-19 summer reading program due by the last day of school, June 21st by going to : goo.gl/fctNMq

An alternative method to sign up is by going to the CHS website and clicking on “Summer 2018 reading list is here”, which is found under “News and Announcements”. Along with the sign up, there is also a list available to students where they can see what books they can read; for example, business teacher Mrs. LeBrun is reading “Once and For All” by Sarah Dessen, and English teacher Ms. Mrowka is reading “This is Our Story” by Ashley Elston. Summer reading is a great way to keep up with reading this summer, while also getting a opportunity to meet new friends and teachers. Through talking to CHS staff who are partaking, Ms. Griffiths, U.S History and Vietnam teacher, said she “especially likes the summer reading program at CHS because students and faculty get a chance to be in union and get to discuss the books outside of just the classroom.” Another U.S History and Vietnam teacher, Ms. Rousell, says she “likes the way that students have the choice if they want to participate or not. She likes how the CHS staff building get to "sponsor" a book that they read over the summer, and then students have get an opportunity to sign up for a book of their choice. She also likes how the Summer reading program at CHS does not forced on its students (as it is in other schools) which is something she personally likes because it doesn't make the kids resent or dread reading.” Another CHS staff who has been a consistent participant in in the CHS summer reading program for the last four year is Ms. Gribben, a Senior Literature, World Literature and American Literature teacher. Gribben says that this year’s selection of books is one of the best that she has ever seen since first participating. She thinks one of the best parts about this program is that the faculty is able to connect with previous students, and in addition, they meet new students in a unique atmosphere. Last year, her group read The Upside of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli and she made edible cookie dough for everyone (a food that is mentioned several times throughout the novel). She and her group them took a selfie and sent it to Albertalli through twitter and Albertalli even reacted/responded to the tweet. This year, Gribben is reading The Alienist by Caleb Carr and she cannot wait to meet her new group and do more exciting things for the next school year. So as the school year is coming to an end, why not join the fun! There are tons of choices and other options to choose from and you can also take a look at what teacher is leading that discussion group. If a student happen to not like the book you have chosen, they are more than welcome to choose a new book group! The summer reading program at CHS is not meant to stress students out, but rather to keep them engaged and connected to their literature roots over the summer!