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B1 Day 2018
by Grace Azaula, 2021 (posted 6-14-18)

On a normal day of school, students stay inside their classrooms, doing school work, studying, and learning about important subjects like math, english, history, and science. However, there are some very important lessons that one may not learn from this traditional classroom. On June 8th, 2018 Cheshire High School dedicated a whole day to learning these valuable lessons, such as community, support, and friendship. 

The school partook in an event called B1 day, which has been a tradition at CHS since the Columbine shooting in 1999. The day was created as a way to make students feel safe within their school environment, as well as unite as one against tragedies, hence the name “Be One Day”. However, in recent years B1 day has begun to change into a day that strayed far from its original format. There seemed to be less emphasis on community and friendship, and more and more people began to see the day as useless, skipping it all together. So, in 2018, a small group of CHS students decided to bring B1 day back to what it had once been. They organized the day into two halves: one that was more structured and one that was dedicated to fun.

During the first half of the day, students were split up into 3 groups and rotated through a cycle of activities. One of these activities was a panel and an open mic time for students to speak about the experiences and hardships that they’ve gone through, such as bullying, sexual harassment, addiction, and family issues. A CHS alumni was even recruited for this panel, speaking about his experience with drug and alcohol addiction. Another panel was also held, this time including politicians, a police officer, and a member of the Cheshire Board of Education. These adults gave the CHS students insight into problems that they see within their jobs, and answered many student-asked questions.The final portion of the morning was dedicated to watching videos created by CHS students and then voting on which was the funniest and the overall best video.

After lots of sitting in the morning, students were ready for some action! CHSsports teams, like the boys track team girls tennis team, and many more, volunteered four of their members to participate in relay races. CHS students cheered on their peers and fellow athletes as they did a variety of races, relays, and even a game of dutch auction! The crowd was full of energy, making the relay races a real blast!

The final part of the day was the least structured part of the day, and arguably one of the best parts. Students were able to hang out with their friends, relax and unwind as they munched on picnic food, provided by the school. They were also able to participate a number of yard games, pie eating contests, and even a dunk the teacher tank, which the principle Dr. Gadd volunteered for!

The day was a hit! Not only did it give students a time to voice their concerns about the school climate, but it gave them a chance for fun too. It was well balanced, full of energy, and organized to the tee. B1 day is back to where it started, and all thanks to the amazing CHS students who organized it and participated!