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Register for AP exam

by Shivani Padhi, 2018 (posted 2-21-18)

Register for the AP Registration for the AP exams are now available from January 25th until February 23rd. Students and parents can sign up through the myschoolbucks website: https://www.myschoolbucks.com/ver2/login/getmain?requestAction=home

Each exam costs 99$, but please do keep in mind there is a 10$ fee associated with each test cancelled before March 1st. After March 1st, the test fee will be 25$ up until the day of the exam.

As a reminder, the Registration Information video can be found at this link.

Families who choose to pay by check can fill out a paper copy of the registration form which can be obtained from the School Counseling Office.

Although taking the AP exam is optional, it is strongly recommended for students to take the College Board AP exam. By taking the AP exam, students increase their opportunity to earn college credit. In addition, AP exams can help students advance and avoid required introductory courses in college and enable the students to move directly into upper-level classes and focus on work that interests you most in college.